Looking for Gap Year jobs can be tricky, so much so that one can find themselves walking the streets in a foreign country handing out their CV’s to every shop, café or business they can find. It’s one of the challenges of taking a Gap Year, we checked out some of the more popular Gap Year jobs, allowing individuals to be more prepared before they venture off into that awesome adventure that is a Gap Year or an Overseas Experience or a Sabbatical, or whatever you want to call it!
Au pair: Despite what people think, Au pairs aren’t just other people’s toilet cleaners. Au Pairs are individuals whom are hired by host families in foreign countries to help assist in household duties as well as helping with childcare. The Au pair is usually provided with accommodation along with a salary or allowance. The idea behind Au pairing is to be able to travel and learn about cultures especially when having to live with them.

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Summer Camp jobs: If you thinking Camp Candy the cartoon show, you are not quite on the mark there, if you thinking the movie Heavy Weights with Ben Stiller, then run, because you don’t want to work in a camp like that...well at least at the part where Stiller takes over as the owner! Summer camp jobs are cool and individuals get to work in various aspects on the business, from Camp Counselors, Nurses, Coaches and yip there is even place for kitchen staff. The idea behind this form of gap year is to save up and travel during your break/vacation times from the camp.
Check out the following sites:
CCUSA: http://www.ccusa.com
GreatCampJobs.com: http://www.greatcampjobs.com  
Camp Candy: the late John Candy stars in this animated TV show…its old school! Check out IMDb.
Heavy Weights: Where Ben Stiller goes a bit dilly as the head of a Fat Camp…
Jobs in Restaurants and Hotels: This is the place where you can make a lot of money, well if the boss doesn’t take your tips that is! Its probably one of the most popular ways of earning travel money whilst abroad, so if you don’t mind cleaning up after people in a hotel/motel/hostel or serving people at a restaurant/cafe/bar, then this is the Gap Year job that’s the quickest and easiest to probably get employed with.
Check out:
Yummy Jobs: http://www.yummyjobs.com
Disney International Programs: http://www.disneyinternationalprograms.com
FirstStep.me’s example: Manuel from Fawlty Towers, check out IMDb!
Jobs on a Cruise Liner:
It’s possibly one of the most favored Gap Year experiences that people take. It means consistent travel and meeting of new people on a regular basis. Jobs range from office duties, to working in the entertainment side of the business, to hospitality and why not let’s throw in the deck hands and engine room staff! Check out Cruise Ship Jobs and their breakdown of the various jobs available in the industry. It’s a great way to experience the world, with accommodation and food general covered, along with a salary it’s a straight forward way to save cash in order to travel!
FirstStep.me’s example: The Love Boat, very old school TV series, check out IMDb.com!
Ski Resort Jobs:
If snow is your game well this is possibly the Gap Year experience you may be looking for! Accommodation and food again generally paid for however unlike on a cruise liner you are not moving and you will be stuck in one place surrounded by snow, which is pretty cool in a wintery sort of way! From Snowboard instructors, hospitality, child care and even ski lift operators the jobs range from far and wide!
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Season Workers and their take on working at Ski Resorts and the jobs aligned with it!  
The movie: Ski Patrol, made in 1990 but really its an 80’s film by nature! Check out IMDb!