Roaming Newton Chapter 9:  
Welcome to Auckland:
Keeping up with the Jones is something that many people like to do, however on arrival in New Zealand I realized it was all about keeping up with the Aussies, but in a more relaxed sort of manner, which I guess gives New Zealand that really calm feel as opposed to a metropolis build that Australia has. Stepping into Auckland International Airport was great fun, especially the part whereby the customs officer asked me if I spoke English! My reply was garbled swear words, well that was what I was saying exceedingly loudly in my mind, my real response was nothing short of a polite “yes maam, I do…” the customs officer being about three times my size, enough said.
It didn’t take long for me to get settled into the way of living in Auckland city, everyday there is happy hour at most pubs or restaurants, well you cant call it an hour because it runs from 5pm to 8pm! These kiwis sure like to entertain. What did scare me was on my second night in the city I was on the late night bus and I saw a man walking a sheep on a leash! It was my first sheep encounter in New Zealand and I get the one who has been confused as the family dog!

Walking around Auckland City you get the feel of a truly diverse mix of people, from South America, to Asia to Africa and of course Europe, every culture is represented. It’s truly amazing how so many people can fit into one place and live together. I spent my stay chilling out, interacting with as many different cultures as I could and tried to figure out the lay of the land. I found some amazing sites and features to Auckland City which provides a charm and almost simplicity that makes the city a cool stop over.
The Seven features of Auckland City You can’t Miss out on!
1. The Viaduct, it’s the heart beat of the city, providing a fantastic balance between day time business and an eventful nightlife. Check out the Viaduct Harbour website, very cool and packed with information!
2. The Parnell Baths, Salt water based, you need goggles for this swimming pool! New Zealand’s Community Leisure Management has all the details for Parnell Baths.
3. Sky Tower, its high and just plain awesome, try the free fall jump from the very top! The SkyCity website brings you a full guide to the city’s entertainment attractions including the Sky Tower.
4. The University of Auckland Business School, beautiful building which houses the future business minds of New Zealand. Find more on their website…
5. Gulf Harbour, if fishing and boating is your game, this is the place to be, just outside of the city it still falls under the banner of Auckland. Peaceful and chilled! Gulf Harbour Marina has a full breakdown.
6. Eden Park, home to the Auckland Blues rugby team and the Auckland Aces cricket team, it’s truly a great venue. Check out the official Eden Park Website!
7. SkyCity Cinema’s IMAX! Great movie setup and the IMAX is a nice cherry on top of a large movie house!
From Sheep on a leash to a salt water pool and a buzzing happy hour, Auckland is providing a chilled atmosphere that makes one just want to kick back. Let’s see how long I can handle this sweet life, until next time…mate!