Roaming Newton Chapter 7:  
Back in Good old South Africa:
I grew tired of winging it in Dubai, so instead I winged it back to good old South Africa. It’s always nice to come home and enjoy what you know best. South Africa just oozes energy and potential, the sort of factors that attracts me to a country in the first place. You realize quickly that it is truly the hub of activity of Africa and that Johannesburg in particular is the New York of Africa!

I checked out some waves in Durban, then headed to Johannesburg for some vibrant energy and while finally I found myself looking at Table Mountain thinking South Africa is just awesome. However I had this uneven feeling that I am still looking for something more…I missed the epic adventures that travelling brought about!
Hitting Google with some furious enthusiasm, I started Googling destinations of curiosity, using Google Earth and even checking out some cool websites, I started to virtually travel and explore the world from my laptop, it was amazing. I stumbled across Singapore and Auckland as places of interest and began to map a path. Singapore looked like a cool pit-stop to get to New Zealand. I had heard a lot about Auckland and thought lets give it a shot. So I packed my bags…again, this time with the idea of heading towards a place that was out numbered by livestock as opposed to people!
Leaving SA once more, meant I was now destined for the land down under…well the one next to the land down under! New Zealand via Singapore and then…well who really knows where this trip will end up!