Regensburg: It's history in real time!

Roaming Newton: Chapter 12

I decided that Munich was more than enough of an experience for me, with the ongoing idea that if in summer it rocks, I wondered how it would compare in the winter. I had time on my hands and a winter wait was just a hop skip and a jump away! The best way to make time go faster is to experience something classic…so I decided to take a gentle yet crisp trip to Regensburg. Crisp because winter was beginning to filter in and that hop skip and jump was moving a lot faster than I expected. A university town home to the Regensburg University which sits about a 1.5 to 2 hour train ride from Munich. The city is built on a medieval structure…it’s history in real time!

What’s good in Regensburg:
Coffee shops!! Yes coffee shops…if you are cold then trying to keep warm is not a must it’s a necessity. Find one (there are many to choose from), grab a take away and take a cultural walk on the medieval side. A good place to check out is Hemingsway’s

Depending on your taste in music and what time of year it is, check out the coolest Jazz festival in Germany. From the streets to coffee shops, the sound of jazz can be heard all around bouncing off every corner of Regensburg!

The Regensburg University: it’s a beautiful upbeat campus! The heartbeat of the city and the reason why there is a juxtaposition of youthful faces building up a very old school city!

The city bus tour: cheap, efficient and full of history. Find out more about the legacy that is Regensburg whilst chilling on a bus!
The Regensburg Cathedral: Old, very old, you feel like you are sitting in the midst of an epic Hollywood movie and don’t forget to see their museum of the cathedral jewels and treasures.

The tour of the torture chamber in Regensburg: spooky and yet interesting…makes you happy that modern society has evolved!
Pizza: If you like big pizza and I mean big pizza, check out L’osteria for their awesomely larger than life pizza. Nothing better than pizza after big walking city tour!

For more details on Regensburg and their city/historical tours visit the city’s official tourism website on

With my pizza filled belly and culturally quenched thoughts, I decided to jump right into the mix of things and head back to Munich for what would now be a chilly yet spectacular winter!