Your bags are packed and your airline tickets are in hand, you double check your travel items again. You look prepared but feel not as confident as you should be. You begin to stress and convince yourself that you have forgotten something important, panic sets in but its too late, the plane’s engines start to roar and your travel adventure has just begun!
So what does it take to prepare for a travel adventure, depending on your destination it could be as simple as just having lots of cash to as much as a full blown itinerary.  At we do things differently, before we go travelling we do our own research and preparation in making sure we can handle the unexpected on our adventures abroad.

Step 1: Watch the following Travel movies, documentaries and shows!
The Long Way Round:
Ian Wright on Globe Trekker
Step 2: Visit the following travel websites
Lonely Planet 
Rough Guides  
Step 3: Get one of those cool Anoraks that fold into themselves! Very convenient and helpful in all weather conditions!
Step 4: Don’t be fooled get a currency converter app for your cell phone!
Step 5: learn the language, if you stuck in a country that doesn’t speak your mother tongue then learn key phrases that can get you through some sticky situations.
Step 6: Be inspired!
Check out Ed Stafford’s adventures through the Amazon!
Step 7: Learn to survive!
Bear Grylls shows you how to manage the worst scenarios possible!
Step 8: Get the right travel bag!
Here is the thing, if it has a zip, wheels and a good set of shoulder straps along with solid handles then you are sorted. However walking around with plastic shopping bags as travel gear is seriously a bad move!
Step 9: carry an unlocked Cell Phone!
If you can’t get cell phone roaming make sure your cell phone can take Sim cards from other countries. Nothing is worse than being out of contact and whilst you are at it make sure you have an operational/attainable email or social media account so that your loved ones can keep track of you.
Step 10: Admin!
We don’t need to remind you but make sure, your travel documents, financials and medical aid are all up to date and in check.
Simple and easy, ten quick steps for the awesome traveller that you are and just for luck carry a Moleskin because you never know what travel stories may be waiting around the corner!