Rocking it at Tollwood, Zuoz and a coffee house!

Roaming Newton Chapter 15: Rocking it at Tollwood, Zuoz and a coffee house!
I am sitting in a coffee house called Dinzler which is situated in a town just outside of Munich. South Africa seems like a lifetime away but it is only been a few weeks since I was running around creating a storm in my old backyard. Now I am back trekking in Europe. I had flown out of South Africa into Germany and then dashed off to Switzerland, where I slept in a tent in non-stop rain! I was pretty much not enjoying this new adventure as I was looking forward to a European summer.

Luckily because  I was based in Zuoz I managed to see a very strange European cycle race as well as an international cricket tournament played in the Alps! I returned to Munich with my appetite quenched from Zuoz but still looking for more…
I always miss home when I am away but Europe gives me an exhilarating feeling that home can't match, so I put my homesickness on the shelf for now. With an ambition of finding an European adventure I walk around Dinzler whilst sipping my takeaway coffee and wondering around their in-house coffee museum and factory. I am not sure if it is the view, aroma or taste of all this coffee that gives me the energy to seek out a big time European adventure but I guess after watching Breaking Stereotypes a few times, who wouldn’t want to tackle Europe in grand style?
As I leave Dinzler with a second coffee in hand I find the nearest ride to Munich with the idea of finding a storm in a teacup and did I just stumble on that!
Welcome to Tollwood, from rock stars, food and cultural stores. It’s the European version of Woodstock but everything is organic  - even the Hamburgers! With the sounds and echoes of BB King, Bryan Adams, The Human League and even Limp Bizkit in the background to name a few, who would give this a miss!
As I now sit tapping my foot to the beat of the music of Tollwood, I munch on my very healthy organic burger, wondering how the rest of my adventure in Europe is going to be. Already I have been faced with cricket in Switzerland, a coffee house on the grandest scale and finally the collective beats of some of the greatest music legends of all time.
Europe has welcomed me in spectacular style…so much for being homesick!
Until next time!
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