Adventures are just a hop,skip and a jump away these days! With overseas and local destinations offering a lot more than a bucket list site seeing package, individuals are now more than ever tackling the travelling market with a lot more gusto than before. So what has changed to hype the flow of overseas travel?
Firstly with the dawn of technology, communicating with loved ones is just a Skype call, mobile text, social media message or an email away. This means that it doesn’t even feel like you have been away!

Secondly, travelling the globe has opened up the concept that the world is now a new form of learning institution…basically the University of Life! In terms of a syllabus here is what the world travel university of life has to offer:
1. Basic admin and organisation skills, because getting a visa, passport, travel documents is a mission of note.
2. Financial management 101:  travel isn’t cheap, learning how to save and planning your travels to budget is very important.
3. Time management: You know those people you seeing running at airports to catch a plane, you don’t want to be like them.
4. Destination and language skills: Arriving at a destination can be a bit overwhelming, immediately find your nearest information centre and get a map. Language can be an issue at times so try and know the basics in the local dialect to make your way through.
5. Negotiation skills: From taxi fares to hotel/hostel room prices…remember everything can be negotiated!
6. Camera skills and creativity: some people buy expensive cameras and make no use of them, this is your chance to document your trip, with the World Wide Web at your fingertips the world is your audience!
7. Networking: meeting people from all around the world whilst travelling is cool, however making friends with locals is better because they know the lay of the land.
8. Work Skills: sometimes well in most cases you tend to pick up the odd part time job whilst travelling, meaning you have to learn new work skills and talents that you probably never knew you had in you. If the cash you make can help finance more of your trip then you have a bonus.
9. Transport aka real life orienteering: Planes, trains, automobiles and sneakers become the multiple modes of transport for many a traveller. It’s all about learning how to navigate your way through cities and towns.
10. The final exam: Getting back home! If you manage the final hurdle of making it back home you probably have picked up the skills and knowledge that can allow you to conquer further travel adventures.
The idea is to meet as many new people as you can, learn new life lessons and be able to see new things. The world has a lot to offer and it is one big learning opportunity!
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