Definition: A gap year is a period where an individual takes a time out or sabbatical between work, study or various life stages. The time frame varies and is not always specifically a year. The Gap Year is individual specific and is determined by what he/she wants to achieve or extract from the gap year. An open ended life adventure!
What is gained from a Gap Year: various levels of experiences on a personal, professional or skills basis...the University of Life!
Popular Gap Year destinations: The manner in which Gap Years have been commercialised over the past years has led to the whole planet becoming an open platform to have a Gap Year adventure! Research is needed to be done into the destination ranging from Visa and passport requirements, medical clearance etc.

Types of Gap Years:
1. Take a time out: Stay at home not working, studying or travelling…the do nothing gap year!
2. Travel: leave home and travel to various parts of the planet.
3. Work and travel gap year: Work (part or fulltime) various jobs before or during your journey, to finance a travel adventure…
4. Internship or volunteer gap year: Venturing to a place whereby your skills are needed or where you can learn new skills!
5. Sport or adventure gap year: Take time out to gain or contribute to a sporting or adventure code of sorts.
6. Exchange programs: Done through universities, schools, associations and even corporate entities to allow individuals to gain valuable experience in another location.
7. Study abroad: enlist in a study program in an overseas based institution, commonly done with Masters and PhD level students.
8. Corporate Gap Year: work for a corporate company that allows you to travel or work at various office locations worldwide. A paid-working-travel adventure…
How to Finance a Gap Year:
Financing a Gap Year can be an expensive or resource draining exercise. Expenses depend on the type of gap year which the individual is embarking on.
Costs can vary from: admin, travel, living expenses etc
Options which can be used to finance a gap year:
1. Having a parent, guardian, family of friend finance the Gap year experience.
2. Working to save money,the key or rule is to not spend the earnings.
3. Working whilst on a gap year to finance the adventures.
4. Keeping costs low during a gap year, aim for cheaper/free livings costs by connecting with family or friends whilst abroad.
5. Entering into a gap year program which provides a feasible system to keep costs low by providing individuals with accommodation, living budget etc.
6. Entering into a working gap year program which allows individuals to earn back the money they invested into the program.
Popular Gap Year Jobs:
Gap Year jobs can be as high level as corporate to as minimal as scrubbing pots of a dodgy side alley restaurant. Sometimes it takes some gut wrenching moments to fund a gap year adventure, but at the end of the day it pays the bills.
1. The wearing a suit Gap Year job: finding a corporate job during your gap year that uses your skills to help finance your adventure.
2. Working at a hotel, restaurant or bar…plus you get the added bonus of tips, that is if you are not scrubbing pots!
3. Au pair: Despite what people think, Au pairs aren’t just other people’s toilet cleaners! They assist with household duties as well as helping with childcare.
4. Internship or Volunteering: normally non paying jobs, but valuable work experience is gained, often living expenses are covered.
5. Working at a summer camp, for the summer gap year enthusiast.
6. Working at a winter Ski Resort, for the winter gap year enthusiast.
7. Coaching sport, for the skilled athlete-gap year seeker!
8. Working on Cruise liners or Yachts, for the ocean loving gap year adventurer!
9. Adventure or field guide, living in the bush or mountains can now be styled as a gap year!
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