“I think Africa has a romantic wildness to it that I don’t think other continents necessarily have. “ Rudi Clark (Spirit of Adventure)

We asked Rudi Clark of Spirit of Adventure one question and he gave us five answers!
Why are Gap Year students attracted to Africa?
1.Environment: It is a very beautiful continent laced with countries that consist of extremely diverse environments. This makes for interesting adventures.

2.Cultures: There are vast numbers of varying ‘established cultures’ which makes for interactions that no other continent can provide!
3.Social needs: There are real social problems that foreigners can get involved in this ultimately provides a purpose to a journey on the African continent!
4.Developing economies: There are 3 worlds in 1 here. First, Developing and Third worlds-creating eye opening experiences.
5.Substance: Southern Africa in particular is being watched by the world. Foreigners are constantly in touch with the region making it a topical destination of choice.
About: Rudi Clark is the owner of Spirit of Adventure a leadership adventure camp setup on the East Coast of South Africa in KwaZulu-Natal.
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