Roaming Newton travelling through The Black Forest

Roaming Newton travelling through The Black Forest
Adventuring through Germany is not the easiest thing on the planet, obstacles appear more often than a new twist in a Harry Potter book. First of all the language, German is not the easiest language to pick up and limited knowledge of it can lead to poor if not rather funny versions of what can be only been classed by a native English speaker as “Deunglish”. Ahh, Deunglish (Deutsch-English) the lesser known language created by the lost traveler and hard done by ex-pat! The next challenge would be to understand the travel systems: planes, trains and automobiles…99% of the time everything runs like clockwork and if there was a 1% mishap well you definitely would not hear the end of it therefore it is best to be on time at all costs.

Finally the beer! There is a big regional rivalry in Germany about who makes the best beer within the country. Naturally, there is a bigger national competition against Belgium, so careful how you tread when commenting on Beer when in either side of the border. Of course we are skipping the national pride of Germany, which is Football but that’s another story altogether. So with these challenges noted I decided to see what the fuss was all about in various parts of Germany.
First up Stuttgart! (Nestled in the region of Baden-Württemberg)
Fun and exciting, and the birth place of the automobile! The city is extremely cosmopolitan and there are tons of things to see and do. Ironically I found myself eating a great big kebab (from a Turkish fast food cafe) before settling for a coffee and treat from The Cupcake Boutique – not very beer drinking like but I have a soft spot for the nicer things in life!

Next up Europa Park!
Leaving the sweetness of Stuttgart was sad but an adventure lay waiting for me in the town of Rust. I had no choice but to tackle this place with furious gusto. On the way I had a quick pit stop at Villingen-Schwenningen (I dare you to try and say this name four times fast!) If you get an opportunity to walk through this city you should take it. It’s really cool and better yet if you have a chance to grab a bite at the “Zuma by Saki” restaurant then do so, its worthwhile. After filling up at the restaurant and after grabbing another Kebab (travelling makes you hungry), I trekked through the Black Forrest, which has a Brother’s Grimm feel to it but is also home to a very famous Cuckoo clock so it’s not that scary! Clocked out and onward into the adventure, one stumbles across Europa Park. Best way to look at this place is a theme park on steroids! If it is high and fast it’s a roller-coaster, if its loud and scary it’s a Pirate adventure show, mix in some epic ice skating shows and some epic filled adventure rides and you have a place that you cant stop smiling at! 

Leaving the region of Baden-Württemberg I then headed off to Berlin. It’s been a while since my last adventure there and I wanted to see what had changed. My flight via German Wings was eventful to say the least, however I found myself swiftly running around Berlin as an adventure awaited me around every corner. There is something nostalgic about a place that literally brings together the cultures of pop and history all into one place! Case in point check out the Alternative Berlin Tours set-up, very cool and you even can pick up tips on creating Graffiti art!
Graffiti in Berlin 
Leaving Berlin with Graffiti skills in hand I headed back to Munich for Oktoberfest. My beer challenges where limited when basking in the speed extremes of Europa Park and didn’t have much time to discover the Berlin local offerings, however when in doubt always seek Munich’s best and of course Oktoberfest is the pinnacle offering! Its Bavarian culture that has been invaded by a strong foreign contingency, if you are there for the beer, food, and atmosphere or just to say you went to Oktoberfest than you would be at the right place. But if the commercialization of the Beerfest is too much for you then try the earlier Bavarian tradition of Waldfeste: it’s calmer, easier and more Bavarian!
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Such a four point trip through Germany has never been easier and that awesome! Until the next Roaming Newton adventure…