The Gap Year Decision* Image source: Copyright: estt

The Gap Year Decision Image source: Copyright: estt
This all comes down to the individual. What is it you want to achieve by taking this time away?
Start by making a list of things you want to achieve and then start researching how you can achieve it.

Q&A checklist –
1. Activity – What do I want to do? Help the environment, gain international experience, develop my career, learn something new, contribute to something awesome?
2. Location – Where can I do this? In my current location, in another city, in another country or another continent?
3. Time – How much time am I going to need?  
4. Affordability – How do I finance my decision?
5. Benefits – Can I achieve my goals?
How do people finance a year out?
1. Savings
2. Working whilst travelling
3. Bartering to cover travel costs
4. Financial support from family and friends
Visa Requirements
When travelling or going abroad each country has specific requirements regarding passports, citizenship and residency. The best way to find out the most useful and accurate information would be to contact the country’s relevant visa and travel office. VisaHQ is an awesome source for visa information.