The Gap Year Evolution

The world is full of adventure. Earth is a planet filled with non-stop action, and yet this article was written behind a desk...
Perhaps it’s that widespread desire to embark on adventures like Indiana Jones, or seek gruelling tests like Bear Grylls. Even hearing David Attenborough’s voice is enough to stir a desire in us that sees us long to swap the daydreams for the dunes.

So how to quench your search for a soul-altering adventure? Well if Russell Crowe’s portrayal of an investment banker lost to the grape vines of France in Ridley Scott’s A Good Year (if you haven’t seen it, change that fact) is anything to by, then sometimes getting lost is the best way of finding what it is you need.
Over the years, the concept of ‘a year out’ has been stereotypically focused on travel, with people venturing the planet looking for adventure. An increased focus on the global economy has led to a conceptual evolution. Now the thought process is less about seeking adventures for adventures sake, and more about taking time away from the day-to-day activities of modern life with the hope of finding a new way forward.
Sometimes people just need a break. That break can come at any time too: After school, university, during a career, after a career, or even in retirement. It may only be for a day, a week, a month or a year. Sometimes it may be longer, and sometimes it might be forever. Yes, the people who live off the land, who travel the planet or who never leave their parents basements do exist!
People are not just travelling the planet. They are seeking change in education, careers and ultimately, their lives. Volunteer work has sparked a ‘giving back’ trend as many travellers look to combine an adventure with a rewarding experience. The gap year has become a very realistic and popular option, broadening life choices well beyond the channels of school and the workplace.
The Big Question – Overseas or Not?
No. It’s all about experiencing a different path, professional or personally. Your time is exactly what you make of it, wherever you choose to do it!