Europa-Park: The adventure, the excitement and the pumpkins - Image Credit BreakingStereotypes.orgEuropa-Park: The adventure, the excitement and the pumpkins - Image Credit

A trip to Europa-Park makes one understand the true meaning of the word: entertainment. And that is exactly what the place is all about. It allows children and adults to escape from their daily life and engage with thousands of adventure seekers.

Europa-Park: The adventure, the excitement and the pumpkins - Image Credit
Europa-Park: The adventure, the excitement and the pumpkins - Image Credit

Travelling to Europa-Park during Halloween was another story altogether, because they then combined the escape, the engagement and the entertainment experience into one big spooky adventure. And while it was not quite a day with Shaggy and Scooby Doo it was close enough. Greeted at the entrance by a band of mummies surrounding an iconic fountain, one immediately started the adventure before even entering the theme park.

Europa-Park is built on a creative concept of bridging together countries from all around Europe. Areas are themed into nations such as Sweden, Germany, England, Ireland etc., providing a cultural event and creating a world of its own within the park itself. Throw in the mix of Halloween, and you have an original combination that makes for a spooky, fun adventure to remember!

First up, the pumpkins! There are so many pumpkins around the park that one wonders how many farms Europa-Park raided to create the epic Halloween effect. There was even a gigantic "pumpkin coaster" which invites guests to a daring ride!

According to Europa-Park spokesperson Jakob Wahl "During the eerily beautiful Halloween season 180,000 pumpkins, 15,000 chrysanthemums, 6,000 sweetcorn plants, and 3,000 bales of straw decorate Europa-Park."

Once you get over the pumpkins you notice that everything was elaborately decorated accordingly the Halloween season, the attractions, food, mascots and even the parade. There is such attention to detail that even the Ice Show “Surpr’Ice in the Haunted Castle” is themed with a Rocky Horror Picture Show feel. Europa-Park went the extra mile to have one feeling very content with spending Halloween in a fun filled theme park. It is possibly the coolest way to enjoy the festival.

Located in Rust, Baden-Württemberg, the international feel of the park is clear from the mix of languages that can be heard. Since 1975, Europa-Park has been entertaining more than 110 million visitors worldwide. Built on a solid foundation of hospitality, the park is a business comprising of a variety of careers, from the culinary cuisines of of a Michelin chef to the welcoming support staff, and of course we imagine, pumpkin cultivators! It provides an area to grow a career in a people-intensive and a friendly environment.

Europa-Park: The adventure, the excitement and the pumpkins - Image Credit
Europa-Park: The adventure, the excitement and the pumpkins - Image Credit

Wahl continues, "Europa-Park safeguards 3,600 jobs at the park, as well as over 8,000 indirect jobs including suppliers and partners. The application areas are very diverse – they range from employments in the park’s five 4 star themed hotels and in the park itself with different workshop and the administration positions. In 2016, Germany´s largest theme park created 100 new jobs. More than 150 apprentices and students are currently being employed by the company. For instance, a cooperative study programme offers a good entry opportunity."

But the magic aside, the international pull and the smart adaptability to themes and events are just extra factors that polish off a well organised set-up. It is the draw card of over 100 attractions and shows as well as the development of a feature called ARTHUR – In the Minimoys Kingdom which takes the park to the next level.

Over the years, the roller coasters have benched themselves as the main reason to visit the park. Even if you don’t have the stomach for the faster rides of the Silver Star or the Blue Fire Megacoaster. There are also the tamer and easy going offerings which keep every member of the family excited making it a  well-balanced theme park. It is the ARTHUR attraction however, that really showcases the class of Europa-Park – and as you enter the attraction it feels as if you have left the world and entered a magical place that is made to look like a hidden gem. Based upon the French film Arthur et les Minimoys the attention to detail to capture the films essence is extraordinary. Somehow Europa-Park has created a theme park within a theme park. From a roller coaster that rails inside and outside with a story to match - it is an entertainment adventure one seeks out when entering most theme parks but fails to find.

Europa-Park: The adventure, the excitement and the pumpkins - Image Credit
Europa-Park: The adventure, the excitement and the pumpkins - Image Credit

"The first idea was actually born in 2009 and it took nearly five years to complete - the park within the park - which Europa-Park collaborated for the first time with an external IP. So it was an interesting process to work with an outside company to realize such a large project. In addition, the ARTHUR ride is a prototype and probably the most complex attraction which we have ever built. It was quite a long process but in the end, when looking at the result, it really paid off. Our guests love it and I can’t imagine the park anymore without it." says Jakob Wahl.

From the time you enter to when you leave the park, one is captured in some way, shape or form by pure entertainment. In this case, it was a Halloween shape, way and form that left you ending up feeling tired out rather than scared from non-stop fun. One is also left wondering that if Halloween was that intense, imagine the magic of the other seasonal festivals or just an average Tuesday!

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