Trekking the Eastern & Western Cape!

Chapter 14: The African adventure continues…
Johannesburg has its perks but the pesky Parktown Prawns don’t really make for adventurous wildlife! I found that I have explored the world with huge gusto but my South African backyard I sometimes tend to forget. The answer to my conundrum…one Google maps! I searched fast and wild, clicking and typing away until I stumbled onto South Africa’s playground, Plettenberg Bay! Google Maps tends to provide me with some fascinating online exploring but it’s the real trekking that provides an individual with an experience of a lifetime!

I am studying medicine in China and in English too

 - The ultimate Study-Gap Year!

Penny Wu, a South African who took the leap to study medicine in China found more to her studies as a foreign student than she ever imagined. We asked her about her experiences of studying abroad and the diversity that comes with living in the East.
Where are you currently located and at what university are you studying at:
I am currently in a city called Wuhan and I am studying at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) at their Tongji Medical College.

A Monkey, an elephant and a hot air balloon!

Roaming Newton: Chapter 14: Welcome to the outskirts of Johannesburg!
Roaming NewtonAn ice cold European winter, a roaring fire and the constant thought of bears in your backyard! Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration but I am sure I heard a noise in the garden the other night that made me scramble for the highest point within eyeshot. I had my share of skiing and ice, however I felt as if I was about to turn into one giant ice cube. I was in need of an African sunshine and home (South Africa) didn’t sound too bad. So I packed my bags and headed on the next flight back with just one thought on my mind…adventure!

Your bags are packed and your airline tickets are in hand, you double check your travel items again. You look prepared but feel not as confident as you should be. You begin to stress and convince yourself that you have forgotten something important, panic sets in but its too late, the plane’s engines start to roar and your travel adventure has just begun!
So what does it take to prepare for a travel adventure, depending on your destination it could be as simple as just having lots of cash to as much as a full blown itinerary.  At we do things differently, before we go travelling we do our own research and preparation in making sure we can handle the unexpected on our adventures abroad.

A winter in Munich and learning how to be Bavarian

Roaming Newton: Chapter 13

Heading back to Munich I found, that slowly the summery senses that once engulfed the city was now falling away. The light became a little less apparent as the sun set a lot sooner and even before the winter snow began to fall, I found myself clinging onto my warm coat a little tighter than before.

I wanted to prepare for a winter that I had never seen before. I wanted thick snow, fast skiing and the warm taste of Glühwein. However how was I going to make this happen, I am a South African after all and snow, skiing and Glühwein are not things that have been hardwired into me. The answer, came via a slightly awkward stumbled upon conversation on a train about cricket in Germany (yes German Cricket) with a Shoemaker (yes a cobbler) who quite boldly stated that in order to be equipped for a German Winter one needs to be as Bavarian as one can. Hmmm, Bavarian… it wasn’t going to be easy but it wasn’t going to be boring either! So there I was learning the ways of the Bavarian like Luke did with Yoda!