Regensburg: It's history in real time!

Roaming Newton: Chapter 12

I decided that Munich was more than enough of an experience for me, with the ongoing idea that if in summer it rocks, I wondered how it would compare in the winter. I had time on my hands and a winter wait was just a hop skip and a jump away! The best way to make time go faster is to experience something classic…so I decided to take a gentle yet crisp trip to Regensburg. Crisp because winter was beginning to filter in and that hop skip and jump was moving a lot faster than I expected. A university town home to the Regensburg University which sits about a 1.5 to 2 hour train ride from Munich. The city is built on a medieval structure…it’s history in real time!

The World Cup Diary of Kevin Garrett

After almost a year of planning, a friend and I departed for a 5 week trip to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Here is an account of our time. I tried to minimise the writing and pack it with pictures as I did in all of my school assignments. But I seemed to have failed most of my school assignments.
06/06/2010 to 13/06/2010 – Cape Town
We started the trip in Cape Town, which is a spectacular city. It was a conscious decision to arrive almost a week before the tournament to ensure that we experienced the Cape's tourist attractions before the masses and our days were commandeered by football. We stayed in the suburb of Camps Bay which is renowned for its beaches, palm trees and trendy night life, situated in the shadow of the 12 apostles and Table Mountain – It didn’t disappoint, I can also recommend watching the Sun go down from here while enjoying a few ‘sundowners’. In this time we visited Robben Island and climbed Table Mountain.  The close proximity of the stadium to other areas of interest (FansFest, V&A Waterfront, and Long Street) was something Cape Town did much better than any other city we visited.

Roaming Newton Chapter 10:

 Swaziland: An African Heart Beat

New Zealand was becoming very relaxed, in fact too relaxed for my own good. I like a city with energy and I like things happening around me, I wasn’t seeing too much of that in Auckland. However I knew my time in New Zealand was up when I came face to face with a Llama on Waiheke Island, I could handle the sheep and the cattle, but this was way too much for me. I needed something with a bite.
There I was packed and ready to go, saying goodbye to the slow chilled life of New Zealand and saying hello good old South Africa again. Sure the bite I was looking for wasn’t going to appear by magic in Johannesburg but I still new that Johannesburg was a lot more fast paced than Auckland, after all it’s the New York of Africa and if there can be Alligators and Ninja Turtles in the American sewers, Johannesburg could have something too!

Munich travel adventures

Roaming Newton: Chapter 11
I was sitting in Johannesburg not knowing what to do, Swaziland had gotten my pulse racing for something bigger (I blame those crocodiles). I needed a city with some history but a modern day environment that would not only keep me riveted but at the same time happy. I looked around and Europe had a big bright smile glaring at me and inside of Europe with a flashing light was Munich!
Ahh Munich…I could see it now, the castles, the cars, the Bavarian culture and of course the beer. What else can one ask for, well maybe a change of luck with the person sitting next to me on the plane that is. Again I get the bad breath Jabba the Hutt lookalike who seems to find my seat just as comfortable as his. My battle with the Jabba’s of the world has been an ongoing one which I feel will never end unless I become a Jedi!

Ten Ultimate Vacation Destinations for Students

Budget student vacations, it’s all about cash and where there is a good party! These two factors have created a trend in student vacation destinations. So here we go…in no particular order because these destinations are subject to where an individuals are located!
Mozambique: hits the list hard, it’s really cheap and the atmosphere is truly cosmopolitan. The beaches are golden, untouched and remain a draw card to many a youthful student.
The Far East: Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines cast a huge net bringing students from all around the world into their tourist attractions.
The Czech Republic: One word-Prague. Affordable and beautiful.