2009 FirstStep.me Gap Year Article of the Year!  
Roaming Newton Chapter 8:
Next stop Singapore!
Boarding a Singapore Airlines flight is awesome. Cool service, good seats and good onboard entertainment. As I depart the blue skies of Johannesburg on a ten hour plus flight, I begin to kick back and reminisce on the previous Roaming Newton Adventures, from Mozambique, to the UK, to Dubai its all been truly epic, my imagination tries to prepare me for what lies ahead, however nothing consistent comes to mind and I am left in the unimaginable as well as the literal unknown!

Roaming Newton Chapter 9:  
Welcome to Auckland:
Keeping up with the Jones is something that many people like to do, however on arrival in New Zealand I realized it was all about keeping up with the Aussies, but in a more relaxed sort of manner, which I guess gives New Zealand that really calm feel as opposed to a metropolis build that Australia has. Stepping into Auckland International Airport was great fun, especially the part whereby the customs officer asked me if I spoke English! My reply was garbled swear words, well that was what I was saying exceedingly loudly in my mind, my real response was nothing short of a polite “yes maam, I do…” the customs officer being about three times my size, enough said.
It didn’t take long for me to get settled into the way of living in Auckland city, everyday there is happy hour at most pubs or restaurants, well you cant call it an hour because it runs from 5pm to 8pm! These kiwis sure like to entertain. What did scare me was on my second night in the city I was on the late night bus and I saw a man walking a sheep on a leash! It was my first sheep encounter in New Zealand and I get the one who has been confused as the family dog!

Looking for Gap Year jobs can be tricky, so much so that one can find themselves walking the streets in a foreign country handing out their CV’s to every shop, café or business they can find. It’s one of the challenges of taking a Gap Year, we checked out some of the more popular Gap Year jobs, allowing individuals to be more prepared before they venture off into that awesome adventure that is a Gap Year or an Overseas Experience or a Sabbatical, or whatever you want to call it!
Au pair: Despite what people think, Au pairs aren’t just other people’s toilet cleaners. Au Pairs are individuals whom are hired by host families in foreign countries to help assist in household duties as well as helping with childcare. The Au pair is usually provided with accommodation along with a salary or allowance. The idea behind Au pairing is to be able to travel and learn about cultures especially when having to live with them.

Roaming Newton Chapter 7:  
Back in Good old South Africa:
I grew tired of winging it in Dubai, so instead I winged it back to good old South Africa. It’s always nice to come home and enjoy what you know best. South Africa just oozes energy and potential, the sort of factors that attracts me to a country in the first place. You realize quickly that it is truly the hub of activity of Africa and that Johannesburg in particular is the New York of Africa!

Travel documents can be a heavy admin job, from Passports to visas and even work permits, it’s not an easy process but rewarding once everything is order and you can go about travelling or working through another country…
Passports: are country specific, it’s an individual’s initial document that allows them the opportunity to travel to another country. These are obtained at a countries government office where passports and identity documents are issued. Check out Wikipedia for their breakdown on Passports: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passport