Mike Murphy writes about his adventures around the globe!  
If you found some European countries to be expensive then keep away from Denmark. Due to their strong currency, you can end up paying a lot more than you would have wanted to. However, Denmark is a great country for seeing some thing a little different. I spent most of my time in Copenhagen, and it’s a great city for tourists with many things to see and do. Also there’s no problem with the languages if you are an English speaker, as almost every one speaks very good English, some thing that is integrated into the school system.

Roaming Newton Chapter One:

Getting to Maputo
“An adventure around every corner” is the only way one can describe Mozambique. With extremely friendly people, awesome beaches, pothole infested roads and giant mosquitoes, what more can one ask for in a ten-day holiday?The trip from Durban was quite pleasant, driving through Swaziland to get to Mozambique turned out to be the quickest route. The boarder posts for all three countries were also surprisingly efficient. Once in Mozambique the ideology of a true Third World country hits you like a ton of bricks. Development is scarce and buildings stand incomplete or uninhabited. Abandoned cars on the side of the road rusted with time give you a scary first impression. However, that all changed once in Maputo.

Mike Murphy: has travelled the world as a student, a traveller and a working individual. He is young a lad and is still trying to find new places to explore!
I spent six months studying in India. During that time, with my limited budget I managed to take some interesting trips. I did, however, come up with some tips for other people who might also be interested to go. Firstly, the best time of the year to travel in India for me was around January. Although a still chilly time of year, you should be able to manage to avoid the hot and/or wet seasons – unless you are planning on staying longer than a short holiday.

FirstStep.co.za's Travel article of 2007!

Marc Mazery Goes Travelling FirstStep Style!
Who is Marc Mazery: A very good friend of the FirstStep team, Marc studied at UCT where he received a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accounting. Soon after Graduation Marc headed off to the UK where he worked and travelled. Now Marc is back! Well back from the working world that is and he is travelling the globe. Starting off in South Africa Marc has managed to make his way to Australia however he made a few pit stops on the way. We tracked him down and got the story of his travels thus far…
Awesome city! So easy to get around, the people are friendly but the city is rather expensive but worth the pay. Max stay needed is 2-3 nights. Watched the football world Cup final and listened to some wannabe heavy metal band...Singapore people like their rock music.

Should you be rushing overseas when so much is available right here in South Africa?
by Neville Beard
School is either over or coming to an end soon – what are you going to do before studying? I mean, you’ve had older friends come back from ‘gap years’, telling you what an awesome experience it was, and how you really need to do the same as them – go overseas, work to earn your keep, save, and then blow it all on a holiday you’ll never forget. Or an older relative or acquaintance is back from working with dolphins in Australia and you think that sounds really cool. You’ve also heard of projects where you can work with children or older folk in communities that have few resources, and who welcome the skills and energy that you could bring as a volunteer, helping to make the world a little better, one day at a time.