Year Out Group
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Really important association that was according to it's website formed in 1998 to help facilitate gap year or year out programs. They also have a full list of the best and most reputable gap year agencies/groups around the planet. Really cool and extremely needed website, a must visit before any gap year adventure!

Projects Abroad
This is a really cool set-up, they have projects all around the world so people can gain valuable experience through volunteering and intern.

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Volunteer and internship programs that are located in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Dublin, Shanghai, their pay off line is “work learn explore”- that sums up the perfect gap year!

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A British environmental setup that focuses on volunteering, they list a number of programs and projects which caters for various individual’s interests.

Go Overseas

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They are not a Gap Year placement company, but a must visit when taking a Gap Year as they review and list a mountain of programs catering in the sectors of volunteering and internships! Nice one!

Blue Ventures
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An environmental gap year with a purpose, volunteering with a focus on research. Its one the few scientific based setups that proposes a gap year as a way to power its projects.

The Leap
Brilliant website this one, the Leap offers Gap Years with substance! Focused around Eco-Tourism and Conservation. A really wicked Gap Year concept!
Check out their very well put together website!

 American Gap Association - A must visit reference point for any gap year! Even if you are not from the USA, it is worthwhile visiting this site. They set the standard for Gap Year accreditation and have loads of resources!

Real Gap Year Experience
From Sport, to Teaching to even Volunteering, these guys have it covered. Cool website that is jam packed with interesting information.
Check out there website!

Bushwise -  based in South Africa - are mixing up hospitality, field guild and wildlife training into a gap year, education and career journey!

NATUCATE are a global platform offering the combination of nature and education in a gap year!

Disney International Programs
You get to work and experience Disney World, that’s a no brainer!
There are three programs run at the Walt Disney World Resort:
Cultural Representative Program
International College Program
Australia/New Zealand Work Experience
Check out their website…super cool!

Been around for a while, they have been setting up gap years for summer and winter camps for people all around the globe.
Check out their website which also has country specific sites too!

STA Travel
Very cool setup and an awesome website with extremely comprehensive information and opportunities. They have country specific websites too, so give them a check out for your various Gap Year options.
Check out: STA Travel's World Traveler Internship!

Check out Gapforce - a platform for gap years around the planet.