Q&A with FirstStep.me

Q&A with FirstStep.me
Q: Hi There, I am currently completing a diploma in Financial Management and want to know about furthering my studies in pursuing a financial or an accounting degree. Along with financial options of paying for my studies.  
A: First up – great stuff on pursuing your studies and awesome that you are tackling the Financial sector.  
Yes, jobs are at an all time low on a global level. The key is to be smart,  be able to research ideas/options and also having the ability of creating opportunities for yourself.

1. In terms of studying further to upscale your diploma to an accounting/financial degree then you need to research as many institutions as you can offering qualifications in these fields that suit your needs best. Each institution will have their own structuring in terms of fees and academic entry requirements. They should also have a student finance office to help with solutions for your tuition fees.  
2. Financing you studies, there are a few options you can try and pursue - they include the following – bursaries, scholarships, student loans, study grants, private funding, crowd sourcing and work whilst you are studying – self funding.
3. The last option is very interesting – it may mean that you work full time and study part time (or vice versa). The fact that you will have a diploma in Financial Management means you can focus on getting a paid internship or employment at a financial orientated firm. However most businesses no matter what industry they are in will or do need financially qualified individuals, therefore there is scope for you to look for employment in various industries. If that still fails than going the route of finding another suitable job to pay for your studies should be your goal. The key is to find a balance between working and studying.  
- Apply to various financial and accounting firms for internship or junior financial management roles.  
- Market yourself online and start researching options to further your studies. Therefore making the early move into the professional market whilst being a student, visit Linkedin as it provides an all in one solution for this!
- If possible: Try and negotiate with an employer to help pay for studies as you work for them.
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