The world of the Rubik’s Cube is on the way back. Years of technology has caused the world to suddenly shift into reverse and engage in that frustrating block of multiple colours. Puzzled? Let's explain further…
Throughout our lives we have seen them, twisted them and even thrown them around (out of our own frustration that is). Solutions of the Rubik’s Cubes varied from those who have the brain capacity to nail it in literally a few seconds (commonly called Speedcubing) and then those who take the stickers off the cube and manually re-stick the solution together. Of course online solutions exist but let’s just stop there.

The old school Rubik’s Cube as traditional as it is has somewhat become just one of many versions of the Cube now available. From more complex versions like the Megaminx you can also get the basic 2X2 Cube! No matter how complex or simple your cubing needs are there is always a cube for you.
So why the change and hype:
Technology is driving our lives there is no hiding from that fact. The old trusted methods of entertainment however can still be upgraded to fit into today’s trends. By taking an old favourite and applying modern day trends to it could just be the break everyone needs from the technology engulfed society we live in. Its not quite geeky and not too much for the jocks, in fact it just sits in the middle inviting anyone and everyone wanting to challenge themselves. It’s so cool there is even a World’s Rubik’s Cube Championship and stores specialised in selling various types of Cubes  - and STRICTLY only Cubes!
Are the days of the handheld computer game numbered? We don’t BELIEVE so but at least the turn-twisting brain engaging value of the Rubik’s Cube is still a wholesome amount of fun. Training your brain to think dynamically and sequentially has never been this cool for decades!
Check out the following cool links:
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Rubiks: The official Rubik’s website!
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CUBIKON: A very cool Cube store based in Munich, Germany.