Every past university student has their very own story about university…from bad cafeteria food, to lecturers who gave them academic uphill battles, to the exam study session that left you with a pain in the neck. And of course who can forget that often more than unpleasant experience with the university security staff!
We put together a list of things that can make your life a lot easier whilst at university, this is only a guide – there are no promises that these may work but it will sure make life at varsity a lot more fun…

1. Your school blazer is not cool, don’t wear it and don’t think wearing it will score you impression points with either the opposite sex or with your lecturer.  
2. Don’t talk during lectures, the only person supposed to be talking is the lecturer hence the actual event you are attending is named after the lecturer. If you fail to understand or miss something that the lecturer has said then you obviously were talking.
Now you will have to ask a mate after the lecture what was said (which will probably lead to that "broken telephone" conversation) or best case scenario you will have to download the podcast of the lecture.
3. Get a MP3 player or laptop to be able to listen to podcasts of your lectures. If those two options are out then buy a set of headphones so you can listen to the podcasts on a computer in the university LANS (local area networks).  If it’s the latter this is probably because you are spending too much money on other things…perhaps alcohol is one of those things, which leads to point 4…
4. Drink less and save more, use it don’t use it, it’s really up to you…head phones versus a laptop…your choice!

5. If campus security wont let you park in staff parking, tell them you left your staff access card in your office and you will show it to them when you come back. It’s a weak strategy but you will never know what could happen. Worst case scenario, bribe them with your lunch that you packed for the day…this again leads to point 6!
6. Cafeteria food, it’s cheap and hopefully tastes good but make sure you know what you eating because sometimes pigeons, cats and other forms of livestock actually go missing for a reason! If required pack your own lunch for the day before heading out of your house, flat or dorm.
7.  Wash your hands before and after using the campus foosball table, you never know whose or what hands have used it before you did!
8. Studying for an exam means you have to read, learn and understand what you are being examined about, don’t ever listen to the dude who is writing the course for the sixth time and actually tells you what he thinks is going to be in the paper, there is a reason why he is on his sixth attempt, which leads to point number 9…
9. Don’t be that person attempting an exam for the sixth time, that old seasoned look on campus isn’t cool at all, Van Wilder is fictional.
10. If you going to hook up use protection! Don’t be that couple debating life outside the campus nurse’s office on a Monday morning!
And point 11…this is the bonus point, when you finish your degree, it is what you make of it, a degree does not make you!
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