So we live in big bad world of fighting off large hordes of cannibals, flying through air raids, saving the world after you discover that you have the power of a thousand tigers….then you wake up! And the reality of your long hard day at the office, lectures, gym etc kick in….you crawl out of bed and make it to the bathroom, gazing into the mirror you realise that the stubble you destroyed yesterday is back! After verbally abusing all existence of hair you gear up for the daily battle of stubble and the mammoth mission of finding the perfect hairstyle.
So what are the do’s and don’ts of shaving and general hygienic trends for guys, we hit the internet with great gusto to find out the facts!

King of Shaves, a big brand Shaving company which hasn’t hit the shores of South Africa yet, has put together a cool shaving pack FAQ section on their website In their top shaving tips they recommend the
1. Give your skin a chance to wake up before you shave, (so eat breakfast first then tackle the stubble).
2. It’s better/preferable to shave in the shower or bath.
3. Make time to prepare your skin.
4. Use sharp blades that are clean with short strokes when shaving.
5. Shaving against the growth of the stubble is the chief cause of razorburn, redness and rashes.
6. Rinse your blade regularly when shaving.
7. Apply a post shave product when complete.
There is a whole bunch of additional information regarding moisturising and so on. They even have a section on Shaving for Women but we were too afraid to check that out.
Off to the L’Oreal Paris Men’s Expert Website and they have an online expert that can help you out! Check out Kayne Douglas’s tips where he gives a break down of looking after your skin from applying the right moisturizer, to making sure you apply sun block with the correct SPF to even making annual trips to the dermatologist to have skin cancer check ups. Two major points that we picked up from Kayne’s advice was one that women’s products and men’s products are not the same. Products are now made especially for men as our skin is different to women’s. And two your skin is not a cars bonnet so don’t scrub hard! Sound advice from the experts at L’Oreal! Visit L’Oreal Paris Men’s Expert Website for more information.
The blades: well for those of you who try and tackle your stubble with the might of Jackie Chan wielding a samurai sword, well maybe you need to invest in some decent blades. The three most prominent blades we found were Gillette, Schick and Supermax. But at present the way that these companies are marketing their products is to find the best sportsman to endorse them. So it’s really down to you being a fan of Rodger Federer, Tiger Woods and Thierry Henry if you want to buy Gillette. Schick’s endorsement of Andre Agassi back in the day is still one the most memorable campaigns of the man shaving his head! The Supermax range is specialized on disposable blades they are pretty awesome as if you are ever in the need for the disposable blade they are the specialists.
Check out their websites for the latest products and offerings:
Guys sweat! Don’t deny it we sometimes can smell so bad that George Bush should have been looking for you as one of those weapons of mass destruction. Now we know that your eau de toilette and your after shaves are expensive but they are investments that all guys need to make. However you want something that you can use on a day to day basis that won’t cost you your life savings. Two quality brands that work well on a day to day basis are Mitchum ( and the other Solo by Lentheric ( 
Now finally the hair: well that’s entirely up to you, what you stick in your hair is your decision…but maybe styling your hairdo around the Mr T hairstyle may be a bit too much. But who cares it’s a free country, do as you please…
Well that’s its lad’s keep it clean and don’t worry if you really want to go the Mr T route check out