The room of your average guy is, more often than not, intended to be more of a place in which they can sleep and store stuff than an expression of their personality or aspirations (that is what girls' rooms are for). Guys usually just need a bed and a door that closes to be able to survive in their surroundings.
However there are other needs that need to met in order to enhance one's digs existence, such as entertainment, food (because guys eat more often than anything else) and a bathroom that works (we need a toilet that flushes properly!!).

First off, what is a bachelor pad? A bachelor pad is made up of no more than two people!! Anymore than you have a digs and that’s a whole different story altogether! Secondly, a Garden Cottage is not a bachelor pad, it’s more of an extended room (some a lot smaller than others!).
Now you can breakdown the Bachelor pad into two areas of focus- the student and the young professional-(what happens to you once you finish studenthood):
Let’s start with the student, as the student bachelor pad is very simple. Why? Because generally students don’t have that much cash to splurge on well the over the top stuff like a really cool television, DSTV etc.
What a student bachelor needs:
1. Kitchen: well the kitchen needs the basics, a fridge, an oven (most places come with an oven already), a toaster, a microwave oven and a kettle. Now all of these you get cheap second hand. Most people get these items off relatives or get them really cheap at a second hand store. We don’t suggest getting a toaster or a kettle from a second hand store (just for basic health reasons). Now you have the kitchen kitted out and life seems okay because you can survive in the coldest of winters on warm bake beans in tomato sauce!
2. The Living Room: a table would be great however not entirely a real necessity, you can sit and eat whilst watching the Telly.  Chairs are a must, because even though cave man didn’t have chairs they did have rocks and boulders to sit their posterior! Bean Bags are cheap and it’s a good start. Otherwise hand me down furniture is the way to go! If you get a couch, that’s huge, keep it for as long as possible.  
(How do you setup a living room, easy find a place where the television plugs in and point the furniture towards it!)
3. The bedroom: students need a bed, a desk and a desk lamp, a place to store clothing and that’s about it. Try and get as much of that from home or again get that from a relative. The bed we suggest to make sure you know the history and the same goes for the couches.
4. The bathroom: if possible try and organise a toilet for each occupant, however if not make sure that you keep that toilet in good nick (otherwise it will grow legs and walk out of the house!)
For students setting up the pad is pretty simple the basics can definitely be found at home, through friends/relatives or second hand stores. Unless you have the capital, you want to spend as little possible because most of the stuff you will be getting rid of before you know it.
Now the working individual is a different kettle of fish. The lad has money to spend, not a lot but more than the regular student!!So kitting out the digs is slightly easier than the borrowing and claiming of furniture from the relatives whilst being a student!
The bachelor in this case would be moving up in the world! Basically getting the stuff he really wanted when he was student. Decent furniture, not too pricey but comfortable, an entertainment centre and well the other major cool things like a Foozball table, DSTV etc. But most of all, the bachelor will buy his first double bed!!!