So you are a student and life is good, well not really…money is always tight, studying is heavy and all you really want is a decent environment so you can do absolutely nothing! Yes the concept of doing absolutely nothing, has been lost to adult and married types alike, but a much sort after past time that many a student yearns for. This is all well and good when you are a student living in campus residence or in a digs but what happens when you are one that lives at home with your parents. Yes of all the challenges in your life this surely has to be one of the greatest.

Balancing the lifestyle of a student and a young adult whilst living at your folk’s home can be tricky but is doable. The key is to be as far away from the action as one can get. Parents have the great knack of finding chores and various other tasks to give you just when you got some peace and quiet going. Knowing your strengths should be your main goal, forget about your weaknesses because you are in an extremely weak spot, trust us when you move out and live on your own you will start to realize why you hadn’t first done so when you graduated from high school. Nonetheless you have to now face the task at hand, so put your Mission Impossible face on and let’s get you equipped.
First things first, your ability to be independent within the confines of your own family home is crucial. So get a part time job and start paying for stuff no matter what it is, just find a way not to ask the folks for cash. Now that you have cash you have the accessibility to finance your social life and pay for stuff at campus. Also the part time job gives you time away from home, so take advantage of not being badgered to doing chores around the house. It is a commonly known fact that parents will find work around the house to occupy you with when they see you doing nothing. The other great spin off from having that part time job is that you can use the excuse of needing to do nothing because you are tired from studying and having to graft after hours. Secondly if you have access to a car then great you sorted but if you borrow the old man's wheels then pay for gas, you will avoid the headache of having to be shouted at when the petrol price goes up.
Third and finally here is the most important weapon or tool you need, get your own set of keys. The last thing you want is your folks having to wait up for you whilst you are having a big night out. If you can get an out house or the external room do so, at least you have that freedom within the confines of the home grounds. But don’t take advantage it is after all it’s not your house and your parents do reserve the right to kick you out. So you are now fully equipped and armed with weaponry that will get you through to the much needed goal of doing NOTHING…good luck, this message will probably not self destruct in five seconds.
Check out the following shows and movies to keep you a step ahead of the folks:
1. Ferris Buellers Day Off: an absolute classic, though he is at high school it’s a worthwhile watch on how the kid gets away with living the ultimate day off. 
2. That 70’s Show: Because no one knows how to live with his parents than Eric Forman.
3. Son in Law: You leave home and when you comeback you remembered why you left in the first place, so bring an ally to help you out in this case a pretend fiancée.
 4. Prison Break: Because sometimes living with your folks can feel like you in a cell!