Q: Kan ek asb inligting kry omtrent die Golf akkademie wat julle aanbied.
Q: Can you please provide information on the Golf academy that is offered.
A: If you want to play professional golf in South Africa you will need to get onto the Sunshine Tour. To do so you will need to pass through a qualifying school. The qualifying school for the Sunshine Tour is a four-day tournament and the top 40 finishers receive a ‘tour card’, which allows them to take part in the various affiliated competitions.

For more information about ‘tour school’ and to download an application form visit the Sunshine Tour website at http://www.sunshinetour.com for more details. Here you will be able to find out all the up to date information about the tournament and the Sunshine Tour itself.
As far as training is concerned speak to the local professional at your regular course or driving range. I know most driving ranges offer coaching. If you want more than that they should know the correct procedures to go through. If you enter the qualifying round for the tour and you show potential you may be approached by coaches as well.
You can also contact the PGA of South Africa on www.pgasa.com for more information.