By Kirsty Hannaford
Most universities offer this programme degree or variations of it. I believe it is an extremely valuable option to consider for those who do not have a specific idea of what to study or for learners who have a passion for current affairs and politics. If you choose to study this degree, I believe it can offer people a variety of job opportunities.

Economics will provide a useful knowledge of the functioning of the economy, which is necessary for any future businessperson or entrepreneur. Also, there is a trend for firms to employ people, who have a philosophical background, because this subject teaches critical thinking, logic and the development of arguments, all of which are valuable in any career option. Finally, the politics will give you an understanding how South Africa’s, and other countries political systems, functions. This is essential if you hope to become a diplomat, political analyst, politician or even president!
If you’re interested in the commercial, this course will increase your understanding of South Africa’s relationship with other countries. I think politics is essential, because as much as we wish to deny it, politics tends to dominate every part of our lives!
Once you have your degree, I would strongly recommend studying an honours degree. This will increase your knowledge of your career, for example, if you have dreams of entering the business world, honours in economics will bring your dreams that much closer. Also, if you want to live or work overseas, the students who have studied at foreign universities have an advantage, as an honours degree is included in their degrees, similar to our law programmes offered in South Africa.   
This degree offers the best of all degrees that your chosen university will offer. The PPE degree will give you an excellent basis for your chosen career. The different subjects included in the degree will open you up to different career opportunities, which I think is important because during your working life, statistics show that you are likely to change jobs many times. Also, this is one of the most interesting degrees. You’ll actually enjoy what you are studying and this is extremely important because then you are more likely to succeed in your studies and in the rest of your life!