Q: Hi FirstStep.me, I am in need of finance for my studies in Swaziland, please can you send some information.
A: Swaziland, is a tricky and very topical debate in terms of education. However in terms of what information is available for education funding for Africa there is a lot of information out there. We did find one condensed website which represents grants that are facilitated for African areas. African Grant Members Affinity Group has a breakdown of the organisations that offer funds to groups that handle these opportunities and to actual individuals in need. These fund members provide assistance from education, technology, housing development etc. So you need to go through and look specifically for opportunities towards education grants in Swaziland.

You also need to get onto Google and search the web for specially African funding for education. Plead your case to these funding organisations and hope they accept your application. It’s not easy we understand, the other option is to work to pay for your studies which is a heavy route.
Another option is to try and study correspondence through a neighbouring South African university/institution whose tuition fees may be cheaper. The internet has made the world smaller and opened up information opportunities, so get searching and see what you can find that fits your situation in Swaziland. Good luck and keep up the feedback!

Note: an interesting resource is the Foundation Center - FondationCenter.org