The Environmental and Conservation Industry

The Environmental and Conservation Industry

Africa, as a continent, is large, and densely populated, in various places, but at the same time, wild and untouched, in many others. A  continent,  rich in natural resources, home to incredible  inhabitants, and sadly, the land of many endangered species. Be it aquatic or land based, cold or warm blooded, eight legged or botanic, all living organisms, even microscopic ones, need to be cared for.

The Stats:

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (ICUN) provides a full breakdown of the world’s most endangered species. It’s a sad read, but a much needed shock to the system.

Redefining an Approach to Conservation:

With the rise of international interest, and commercialised ventures  towards conservation, there has been an increase in the awareness shown  towards the environment, not just on the African continent, but on the planet, as a whole.

Individuals, from various sectors of industries and specialisations, are now entering into conservation, through full, part time, or volunteering commitments. The scope of opportunities in this field, is extremely open, and still has room to grow further.

Volunteers on the Rise:

The concept of a gap year, year out, sabbatical, or whatever you want to call it, is on the rise. Individuals are now seeking opportunities, that will provide more purpose towards their break years, and nature conservation, is one such option.

Africa providing the Melting Pot for Ecological Development:

Drawing international investment into Africa has never been easy, but a mixture of tourist focussed, environmentally conservationist attitudes are transforming thoughts, into action. Of course, a weaker continental economy does help, as well…

What we think is cool:

On African Soil, is providing a platform to make a difference, and experience environmental conservation first hand. Interactions with various species, including Rhino’s, Lions, Cheetah’s, and Chimpanzees, along with onsite Veterinary adventures, provide a great  way, of  making a difference, towards the environment.


There are a number of environmental, and conservation support set-up's, one which drew our attention is the Cross River Gorilla.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what continent, or part of the planet we live on, all living organisms need assistance, in some way or shape. From participation to donations, heck, even a bumper sticker, can spread the word, the planet we live on, is worth every bit of effort, we can put in.