According to the WWF there are currently only 4 northern white rhinos left in the world. This sad statistic is just one of many representing the extreme pressure the environment is under – more often than not as a result of human intervention.

Planetary changes and solutions for 2015 - image credits Paul Murray and SOLVATTEN®

Planetary changes and solutions for 2015 - image credits Paul Murray and SOLVATTEN® spoke to an environmental artist and one very awesome social organisation about what changes and solutions in 2015 can help the planet become a better place.

The Change

Conservation and Environmental Artist Paul Murray - “If earth was a business…Would money grow on trees? Would oceans flow with gold? And would animals be listed on the Stock Exchange? I don’t think so. Therefore my hopes and dreams for 2015, is for a little more understanding. Understanding of what 'man' has and is doing to the planet and its animal inhabitants is the change that is needed.

If my drawings stop highlighting conservation and environmental awareness, then I will stop drawing."

The Solution
David Wadström from SOLVATTEN (a set-up that creates safe and warm water using the natural energy of the sun) - "SOLVATTEN is a system meeting the needs of both rural and urban populations in developing countries. In the poorest and most remote areas women and children often walk long distances to fetch water for daily use, and the water they collect is often unclean and unsafe to drink. These people need a portable system that is safe, simple and affordable over a long period of time.

With more than 100.000 people benefitting in the world we are sure to say that SOLVATTEN makes a positive impact. Our results suggest that free distribution of SOLVATTEN could save many more lives than cost-sharing programs have achieved so far. In addition to clean, safe water, the access to warm water is a key to improving the quality of life. This improves the conditions for maintaining hygiene and general wellbeing. Because of this aspect SOLVATTEN is thus most likely to be used correctly and consistently."

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Image sources: Paul Murray and SOLVATTEN®