Kids Haven found out more about the Kids Haven organisation based in South Africa from Transformational Coach Adele Pillay.
How did you get involved in Kids Haven and what is your roll in the organisation? I got involved with Kids Haven (KH) in July 1994 after the first democratic elections in South Africa. I wanted to assist in healing my country - knowing that apartheid had done so much damage to it. I started as a volunteer, at the time as a mother of two little ones, I knew my parenting skills would be useful at Kids Haven. I worked through the ranks as a volunteer to being Assistant Director (Child Care Manager) from 1994-2005.   
I left for 4 years and returned to the facilitating of Youth Skills and Staff Wellness Programmes, also I assist in creating programmes for the Life Skills Department to meet the needs of children in care.   

Q&A with

Q&A with
Q: Hi There, I am currently completing a diploma in Financial Management and want to know about furthering my studies in pursuing a financial or an accounting degree. Along with financial options of paying for my studies.  
A: First up – great stuff on pursuing your studies and awesome that you are tackling the Financial sector.  
Yes, jobs are at an all time low on a global level. The key is to be smart,  be able to research ideas/options and also having the ability of creating opportunities for yourself.

Getting properly educated is a costly process. As a matter of fact being a student isn’t as financially stable as one would like it to be! Student financial options range from student loans, self or private funding, scholarships etc. However we at recently found a very interesting crowd-sourcing (crowd-funding in this case) -themed concept that could help finance your studies!

The Environmental and Conservation Industry

The Environmental and Conservation Industry

Africa, as a continent, is large, and densely populated, in various places, but at the same time, wild and untouched, in many others. A  continent,  rich in natural resources, home to incredible  inhabitants, and sadly, the land of many endangered species. Be it aquatic or land based, cold or warm blooded, eight legged or botanic, all living organisms, even microscopic ones, need to be cared for.

The Stats:

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (ICUN) provides a full breakdown of the world’s most endangered species. It’s a sad read, but a much needed shock to the system.

Part 2: Obvious but thoughtful questions to ask a trader

Big Kastenmann
Big Kastenmann
Being a trader is like being a businessman and an athlete, this is the statue that sums it up perfectly. Erwin Wurm "Big Kastenmann" @ the Standard Hotel, NYC
1. How steady is an income for a Trader?
Income for a full time trader is almost all based on trading success or losses. Unfortunately, income is not stable and is based on profits made as a trader, which is fairly unpredictable and unstable, for good and for bad! Although when managing other peoples money, traders may be paid a management fee and a performance fee, based on how much they make for their investors.
2. What are the working hours a trader has during a regular week?
This depends on what markets a trader is trading in, it could be day, it could be night. 24 hours a day markets are open somewhere on the planet to trade something. So a trader could work as much or as little as they like.