Getting into university can be a heavy procedure, admission requirements can vary from tuition fees to academic results with the next step possibly being a DNA sample but fortunately that hasn’t come into play yet! So what are the options to get into university if you don’t quite make the cut:
1.Apply again; in some cases especially with the high first year dropout rate universities do tend to allow individuals a chance to get into an academic program the following year. It’s almost like being on top of a waiting list!
2.If you are financially stuck and not accepted for financial reasons, get a student loan or (shock horror) get a job!

3.If your academic requirements don’t meet the grade and the university is not letting you in, even though you are begging and pleading, doing cartwheels and magic tricks, then ask about the university’s academic bridging/foundation/pre-university program…which is actually the main topic of this article but we eventually got there!!

Nowadays school and college curriculums around the world are often debated. High school graduates make the transition to college or in some cases become college dropouts. We have to ask ourselves if it is the actual curriculum that needs to be questioned or the teaching/lecturing staff. Sure we love our teachers (and in most cases our lecturers) - without them the world would make little sense, but what if we had teachers with a bit more character?

At we do things differently and why not! So here is our best of 2010 edition from the best articles and features from to the glorious happenings of things that are shaping the world and will affect the future habitants of this awesome planet that is earth!
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Q: Hi I want to Study at CTI but am uncertain about areas of their accreditation. I am looking to study Information systems and just want to know that I am going to make a solid investment towards my studies.
A: Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the question! Both in South Africa and abroad there are flyby-night learning institutions that often are linked to some outlandish stories. Most of which are horror stories of students walking away with a qualification that is not even worth the piece of paper it is written on. The key is to do your research first hand. Go to the institution that you wish to study at and ask the questions you need answered. It's within both the interest of the student and the institution to have the necessary requirements to meet each others needs. So in this case it's not just CTI, it's every institution that you show some form of attention towards.

Ludwig Maximilian University Munich

Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
It’s more than an institution it’s an experience!
- a feature
Walking into the main entrance of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München, this is the German name of it, is to be honest just plain epic, as soon as you walk in you get this air of prestige with an essence of knowledge.