The 2nd voting poll on saw Yoda winning by a close 6.3% of the votes!
Of the following options: I wish my teacher or lecturer was:
Yoda, Gandalf, Mary Poppins, Merlin or Mr Miyagi.

Q: I live in Uganda and would like to find out more about the Atlas Copco scholarship.  
A: You can find out more about Atlas Copco on their official website -
In terms of Scholarships offering we found the following offering run through The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Getting Finance for your studies is not easy and finding a bursary or scholarship is something that could possibly drive you insane. We have put together some cool options offered by various companies and institutions, in the form of either a bursary or a scholarship. The list below illustrates how well companies/institutions have created awareness about the various options on their websites...but first things first, let’s get our terminology right:

By Justin Wingfield

This being the very first article, I thought it best to kick of with a few fundamentals of why we need to save. Indeed, when we are young and starting out in new careers, there are a mind blowing number of financial issues to consider. Saving is simply one of these.
But how important is it to save when there are so many better ways of spending our money? Sure, life must be enjoyed and spending your hard earned money on cool things is always very enjoyable. But, never underestimate the importance of saving. Indeed saving is the only way of creating wealth and therefore improving your long-term financial well being.

Q: I need information on bursaries to study medicine?
A: We found one particular website that focuses on the financial well being of medical students. Money4MedStudents - - a UK based website rocks!