In today’s modern economy, trying to find a job has become nothing short of a huge task that at times feels like you have to cross the Sahara desert with nothing more than a compass! However what about the next step! We have been getting a lot of feedback about people being retrenched for reasons that are slightly not as common as one would think, from being too “reserved”, “messy”, “lazy”, “unwilling” and of course “not showing up…”, whatever happened to the retrenchment phrases or statements of “company is downsizing” or the ultimate political correct one “affirmative action” or “gender equality”…it seems that employers are actually looking for effective people who can do a job that is required or a job that an individual has been contracted to do. Whatever the rationale, we have put together a list of what to do and what not to do at work that should help keep you employed, because keeping a job is just as important as finding one!

1. Punctuality: get to work on time! Don’t be late or if possible get there before your required start of the day.
2. Time wastage: updating your profile on your social media page isn’t considered working when you post the phrase “I am at work…working!”.
3. Hard work and efficiency: if you have been given a work task then complete it on time and try going the extra mile with your effort.
4. Suit up: dressing appropriately for work is always good, don’t rock up in Speedo and say “it’s casual Friday…!”
5. Hygiene: keep it clean, don’t reek and make sure people don’t think you are dirty!
6. Attendance: If you going to be late or cant make it to work, call in and tell the boss. Make an effort…
7. Money, discussions about salaries and bonuses…well just walk carefully on this one, be smart.
8. Madness: don’t cut off your co-workers tie and run around screaming “Friday is Tie Day”…it’s up there with point number 4.
9. Theft: don’t steal office stationery!Also don't use company resources for your own personal gain.  
10. Dont harass fellow co-workers in anyway or give HR or IT staff a hard time!
11. Food, having a sweet jar on your desk filled with Skittles for your co-workers isn’t a bad thing!
These are just some fun ideas. However retrenchment is a serious matter and working hard will help your employer - meaning you are still hopefully in for your next pay cheque!