The grad recipe - A decreasing job market meets an increasing demand for jobs.

It has been years since Dustin Hoffman changed the perception of how graduates are to be perceived. At the time a world of opportunities lay in wait for a graduate. However those where the 60’s and 70’s, the world has since shifted and limited chances exist for a budding young grad.  

The Freshly Qualified Graduate
Made between 2010 – 2013
Expires: Never  
Skilled and educated
High expectations and hopes
Use at own risk: hard work is at times optional.
Handle with care: may need motivation to achieve goals.
Warning: severely susceptible to unemployment.  
Can be hazardous: if used in conjunction with Student Debt.
Supervision: Advised
Ranking: 7/10 if used in the right environment!
The Graduate Program - Creating the superhero corporate executive

The new post graduate training ground – full of promises and ideals. Individuals are hired and shown the workings of the corporate world. The beginning is like the first week of university/college orientation except everyone is wearing a suit. And there isn’t a Keg involved!
By the time the introductions and pleasantries are over – it is the structured environment of the corporate ladder.
A Graduate Recruitment Program recipe:
Office Politics
Work tasks and projects
Heat in a pan: Competition and Team Building
Simmer and Stir: Management
Served: With the endorsement of the CEO
Ranking: 10/10 if used correctly!