spoke to EY South Africa’s Karen Mudaly on what it takes to find talented graduates to work in one of the biggest global firms!

Suitably positioned as Building a better working world, EY is proving that talent needs both room to grow and at the same time a solid working environment to achieve success.  

What are the challenges of selecting and employing a graduate fresh out of university or college?
The biggest challenges are high unrealistic expectations graduates set for themselves when entering the corporate world for the first time. Many of the concerns that linger at the back of a graduate's mind need to be addressed at the interviewing stage as this is an opportunity for them to really ask those difficult questions as opposed to guessing what is expected of them.

The grad recipe - A decreasing job market meets an increasing demand for jobs.

It has been years since Dustin Hoffman changed the perception of how graduates are to be perceived. At the time a world of opportunities lay in wait for a graduate. However those where the 60’s and 70’s, the world has since shifted and limited chances exist for a budding young grad.  

With Bridget Berry

Surviving the office beat first up can be hectic and often not easy. What are some of the best ways for individuals to get settled into an office?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions – if you are no sure where to find something or how the copier works just ask.  Most companies will put you on an induction program that will cover all the basics, you will also meet other new grads and this will be the start of your network.  Use the induction session to find out as much as possible – it can be a bit of an information overload so prepare yourself… may get board, feel tired and think why is his important now…but trust me all that information is necessary and needed so hang in there and try and make the most of it.  Write down the names of people you interact with or who come in to talk to you and make a note of what they do so when you are asked to go and get information from marketing for example you have a name and a starting point.

In today’s modern economy, trying to find a job has become nothing short of a huge task that at times feels like you have to cross the Sahara desert with nothing more than a compass! However what about the next step! We have been getting a lot of feedback about people being retrenched for reasons that are slightly not as common as one would think, from being too “reserved”, “messy”, “lazy”, “unwilling” and of course “not showing up…”, whatever happened to the retrenchment phrases or statements of “company is downsizing” or the ultimate political correct one “affirmative action” or “gender equality”…it seems that employers are actually looking for effective people who can do a job that is required or a job that an individual has been contracted to do. Whatever the rationale, we have put together a list of what to do and what not to do at work that should help keep you employed, because keeping a job is just as important as finding one!

With Bridget Berry
Bridget Berry’s tips for the Grad entering the work place!
Stepping into the office on day one, you suited up in your new work outfit that you picked out on the weekend, even your shoes are shinier than normal. You pass the office secretary and her eyebrow raises just a little, enough for her to draft a smile across her face as she sees the thin briefcase you have tucked under your arm. The briefcase she correctly guesses is packed with stationery that you excitedly bought at the local News Agency (an old school term for a stationery store). You walk to your boss’s office, you are given an overview of your tasks for the day and then you are kindly escorted to your desk. You neatly take your seat and place the briefcase on the floor, suddenly you have this strange feeling that the whole world is watching you…you not far off as you look around and the whole office is watching you. From the office clown to the wise cracking jock, even the computer junky with the Mr. T haircut is smirking at you and that sudden awkwardness that was once a gaze now turns to a sudden realization that you are over dressed, under prepared and all so in over your head…you are the new office grad!