The Daniel Alvarez Adventure

The Daniel Alvarez Adventure

A short documentary filmed in South America, Santa Elena – Colombia, this adventure is the second production from the Breaking Stereotypes team.

In this showcase, we follow Daniel Alvarez Villa on his journey to building an eco-friendly home. With the use of refurbished shipping containers and some creative thinking, Daniel challenges the planet to Go Green or Go Home!

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Produced by: Duma Mseleku and Yashivan Govender

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The Daniel Alvarez Adventure is about to kick-start shortly and to whet your appetite we decided to chat to him to give you more insight into him and of course this new project!

Daniel currently resides in the city of his birth in Colombia called Medellin (Medellin is the 2nd largest city in Colombia with nearly 4 million inhabitants!), and is employed as a specialist Bicycle product manager and distributor. After recently tying the knot, he revisited one of his favourite places from his past adventures-New Zealand-with his wife Marcella before returning to Medellin to undertake the task of building a home for his new family…and trust us this isn’t just any home!

The Daniel Alvarez Adventure

The Daniel Alvarez Adventure

From his trip to the land “next to the land down under”, to following his new home’s construction, to making sure he still gets in his Mountain Biking quota, Breaking Stereotypes is about to bring you all the details in the way we know best, fun but serious, or is it the other way round?! Anyways here is the back story with Daniel!!

You have traveled some far out destinations along with being a strong downhill mountain biker, what brought you back home to Colombia? Well I had a technology degree in Advertising and I came back to Colombia to make it into a full career in Marketing which I will be finishing in June of 2012!

The first Breaking Stereotypes documentary was filmed over 16 destinations throughout Europe. Some out the box adventures with some serious interviews, it created the building blocks for the entire Breaking Stereotypes series.

Extract from the Breaking Stereotypes: European Adventure press release:

Introducing Breaking Stereotypes – a travel documentary that alters the way people interpret the world and themselves. Filmed and produced by a South African on a mission.

A stereotype may be defined as;

1. A widely held but fixed and over simplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing

2. A person or thing that conforms to such an image.

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