The success of graduate programmes is well documented with many of the world’s leading organisations offering graduate programmes across their territories in some of today’s most exciting and versatile industries.  Ingrid Glover, Human Capital manager at The IQ Business Group says that formal programmes coupled with practical training and the support of senior management plays an instrumental role in the success of graduate programmes.


BasIQs, the graduate programme for independent management consulting firm The IQ Business Group (IQ), has been running for 11 years.  “We are committed to providing our clients with an incomparable service and to deliver on this promise we are constantly investing in creating exceptional people,” she says.  The BasIQs programme takes in 25 – 35 delegates per year from a variety of backgrounds and universities from around the country.  “The BasIQs programme has been created to reflect emerging trends, provide graduates with real-life challenges and opportunities and showcase innovative business strategies.”
The delegates face a demanding interview process where their attitude, leadership skills and most importantly their affiliation with the IQ’s values and behaviours are evaluated.  “The pre-testing process prepared me for the graduate programme,” says BasIQs graduate Varaidzo Hatendi “by stimulating my thinking and my understanding of relevant concepts before joining The IQ Business Group.”  Before entering the programme delegates are required to complete brain teasers, personality questions and a variety of ‘meta-skills’ tests appraising their soft skills, confidence, self-management, professionalism and communication abilities.  
 “The IQ programme combines theory with real-world application and empowers our graduates with critical knowledge and skills that will accelerate their growth and build a solid career foundation,” says Glover.  The graduates are provided with ample learning opportunities, skills and expertise so that they can solve challenges and provide clients with solutions.  
“BasIQs taught our group that sometimes the challenge is in the survival,” says graduate Masechaba Letsela,  “Facing the challenges head-on while having fun in the process ensures that the graduate programme amalgamates the working hard, playing hard philosophy while each individual was able to realise their true potential.”
Glover says that the intense programme provides the graduates with the critical grounding and accelerates their growth in order for them to move into senior positions, specialise in specific areas or become responsible for their own set of clients.  “The strong network of fellow graduates, the dynamic programme, and support of senior management ensures the graduates of a successful career no matter what the future holds.”

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