Eduloan, South Africa’s premier provider of study finance has extended its unique offering to the Southern African Virtual School (SAVS) to bring the 21st century online classroom and personalised learning to the homes of South Africans.
Eduloan Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Charlotte Smit, says that e-learning is an important medium and at times the only suitable option through which a learner can obtain an education.

“There are thousands of South Africans who have not completed their studies.  There are even more that cannot take the next steps towards a tertiary education or qualify for available job opportunities because their secondary results have prohibited them. E-learning has now become the long awaited solution to the growing trend to home schooling. It further addresses the need of South Africans who wish to better their education - a new lease on life,” she adds.
Eduloan recognises that students have different needs and with that, a need to learn at their own pace whenever possible while being assessed continuously.
“E-learning satisfies these needs and already offers recognised value and convenience to current students. Eduloan’s extended offering to SAVS students brings with it the opportunity for easy and affordable access to study loans for e-students,” says Smit.
“In continuously striving to unlock the potential of thousands, through SAVS, Eduloan believes in the potential that E-learning has to eventually produce citizens who add value to their communities and the economy.”
Founder and CEO of SAVS Keith Maree, says that Eduloan’s unique offer to the school’s students is in line with the nature of SAVS’ business. “Eduloan’s online application process is perfect for our students’ convenience as they are already inclined to make use of online facilities.” The application facilities are available on both Eduloan and SAVS websites. Both institutions utilise technology as a means of reaching people, and like Eduloan, SAVS is also looking to expand into the rest of Africa.
“Our students experience an international 21st century level of education, and are encouraged to pace themselves to avoid being overwhelmed, but are also taught the values of positive thinking, motivation and goal-driven living that produces academically advanced and well-rounded graduates. As long as a student has internet access and access to a PC or laptop they have the opportunity to study at their own pace,”  says Maree.
There is a growing interest in the SAVS programme with the school boasting two South African students residing in China. Eduloan has filled the funding gap between the state-funded National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and commercial banks for the past two decades, and has agreements with a variety of educational institutions, including FET colleges as well as all universities and most universities of technology in South Africa.

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