Creating a Mindset for Growth and Development Conference in Antananarivo, Madagascar. 19-20 and 22 September 2014 *Image Credit:

Creating a Mindset for Growth and Development *Image Credit:
Conference in Antananarivo, Madagascar. 19-20 and 22 September 2014

Many countries, organizations, and individuals are finding it hard to create “their” place in our globalizing world. Mindsets, approaches and skill sets are increasingly failing to meet current needs. It is time to consider some alternatives! The "Creating a Mindset for Growth and Development – Ideas, Implementation, Skills” conference will provide multiple platforms for sharing and implementing inspiring ideas and new approaches to today’s challenges in the areas of entrepreneurship, education, technology and the arts.

This will not be just another “Talk shop”! Over three days, one each dedicated to ideas, their implementation, and the necessary supporting skills, we will focus on finding realistic, pragmatic solutions that we can use to address the many roadblocks to sustainable development in our spheres of influence. Be part of it!
Creating a Mindset for Growth and Development
Who should attend?
Days 1 and 2 are for leaders, from all areas of society and of all ages, who are intent on supporting sustainable development, be it through business, education, or any other area of activity.
Day 3 is for students and life-long learners – once again of all ages - who want to improve their personal skills to become more effective changemakers. Many people who attend the first 2 days will be both attending and acting as resource people on day 3. Separate tickets will also be available.
Program Outline
Day 1: “Ideas Day”, Friday, 19 September
Be inspired by concise, visionary presentations made by an international group of speakers from a variety of disciplines. They have been selected for their forward-looking ideas and ability to challenge mindsets: how can we take development into our hands and grow our communities, businesses and other organizations in a positive, sustainable manner?
Day 2: “Implementation Day”, Saturday, 20 September
Explore the implications and implementation of ideas presented the day before. “Ideas Day” presenters and other participants will jointly explore and address the questions
and topics they find most pressing. What works, what doesn’t? How could old problems be approached in new ways? What can we do - individually and together?
Day 3: “Skills Day”, Monday, 22 September
Develop individual skills and competencies that enable you to live an enterprising life. “Ideas Day” presenters and other people with relevant knowledge and skills will lead practically-oriented training sessions and seminars designed for students and lifelong learners.
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Conference in Antananarivo, Madagascar. 19-20 and 22 September 2014

*Image Credit:

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