Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) in KwaZulu-Natal understands the importance of cost efficiencies, the need to be more environmentally friendly and most critically, the necessity of keeping its employees informed while keeping their financial information confidential. For this reason, it has gone live with ITS InfoSlips, a solution implemented for it by Adapt IT, a leading technology solutions and services company.
The ITS InfoSlips Payslip solution is an interactive, electronic, push-delivery document. In other words, it eliminates the need for paper-based documentation, as it allows the university to distribute employees’ payslips as a secure e-mail attachment. It can be delivered in the required format to other devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Leighton Martin, a Business Solutions Consultant at Adapt IT points out that InfoSlips effectively transforms the paper payslip into what can be referred to as a Total Reward Statement.
“In other words, the payslip is designed to convey more than just salary information; it delivers all the company benefits to each employee in an easy to read, interactive and engaging method,” he says.
“Furthermore, because it is an electronic document, it is thoroughly interactive, meaning that employees at MUT are offered a range of additional financially-related opportunities. These include everything from querying transactions to obtaining policy help on any item. They can drill through to details about earnings, deductions and company contributions – delivered in an easy to consume and graphic-oriented manner – as well as manage their annual leave.”
Martin adds that apart from all of this, the fact that the payslip is delivered electronically means no more lost or misfiled pieces of paper, while staff can be content in the knowledge that they are being environmentally responsible.
“The project actually began in August 2013, with an initial meeting between Adapt IT and the IT, Finance and Human Resource staff at MUT, where the basics of the implementation were discussed.”
Thereafter, according to Martin, a pilot implementation was scheduled for September 2013, which proved successful and led directly to the rollout of the solution in early January to the entire institution. Relevant personnel in the required departments were trained in the administration of the solution, prior to going live, he adds.
It is a given, continues Martin, that in today’s environmentally-conscious world, companies and institutions across the board are trying to move to a more paperless working environment.
“Thanks to the ongoing advances in technology, ITS InfoSlips is able to ensure that such a working environment is a step closer, while at the same time reducing the university’s costs and decreasing the time and labour required to produce salary information.”
“Most crucially of all, employees now have far more confidentiality in respect of their personal financial information. This is because every person has their own initial Personal User Key (PUK) number. In other words, even if another individual had access to an employee’s email or mobile, the InfoSlip would not open without the correct credentials.
Importantly, this password is associated with the user, not with a specific InfoSlip, hence no more forgotten passwords for accessing old information. This project has been a real success, as we have assisted MUT to move closer to a paperless realm, enabled it to become greener and more secure, all while improving cost efficiencies and reducing the complexity of the payroll system – not bad for a single implementation,” concludes Martin.
About: Adapt IT
Adapt IT has more than 420 employees operating out of business divisions in Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, and is led by a core team of executives. Adapt IT provides a variety of specialised turnkey IT solutions and services to the education, mining and manufacturing, energy and financial services sectors. Adapt IT has more than 320 customers in South Africa, East Africa, Asia, Australasia, United States and Europe, and its services and solutions span the complete IT life cycle, from consulting and application design, through to delivery and support.

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