Media Evolution - The Conference 2013

Media Evolution - The Conference  
Media Evolution The Conference is Scandinavia’s most important conference on contemporary and business life. By bringing the big societal questions to the table we are taking a look at how media and communication can contribute to building a better future. We are stretching the boundaries, keeping the two day conference open 48 hours on August 21st-22nd. Someone else will have to pick up the kids.

The 2013 edition of The Conference is expanding its universe and will span over five days, filled with master classes, discussion forums, parties and other events. On the 20th there will be at least four master classes on topics such as Lean Marketing, Gender, Transmedia, Design and Programming.
We dig deep into what current human behaviors tell us about the future of society and the media industries. We look at what new technologies we will be able to work with. On top of that we always pay much attention to how thought leaders and disrupters in the industry are doing things - in the end, ideas are not worth anything if they’re not brought into action. Subjects will include time (real time vs. longevity), power, learning/education, lifelogging vs. digital downshifting, quantified self, big data etc etc.
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