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Maintaining their reputation as a learning institution of excellence offering an international education, the German International School Cape Town is currently undergoing an R18 million upgrade to their facilities with the view of opening their doors to more non-German speaking learners who could benefit from the school’s world class academic offerings.
The upgrade, partly funded by the German Government, encompasses the construction of a striking architectural four storey masterpiece building consisting of a state-of-the-art two-level library, eight new classrooms and a multi-function room. “We consistently strive to offer the best international education and with our new building we can accommodate more learners in the non-German speaking stream. We welcome all interested learners from the broader Cape Town community,” says Hermann Battenberg, Principal of the school.  

At present the school teaches 720 pupils from varying backgrounds and with the new building this is predicted to increase to 750 in 2013. The school currently offers four streams – two German speaking streams and two English speaking streams aimed at children whose mother tongue is not German.   
The multimedia library will include ample computers and ipads, all with internet connectivity which learners can access for educational purposes. Additionally, each of the eight new classrooms will be equipped with interactive whiteboards and a computer with internet access while the multi-function room will be used for amongst others, events, exams and staff training which is a priority for the school.  
Considerable investment was also ploughed into the school’s existing canteen and aftercare facility. This is of particular importance for the peace of mind of working parents knowing that while not in their care, their children receive daily balanced meals and are in a safe, education enriching environment.  
“The German International School Cape Town has over the years built up a reputation of excellence, offering a world class international education to both German speaking and non-German speaking learners. The German Government has invested 1 million Euro into the school for a major upgrade that will allow them to welcome more learners from the Cape Town community,” says Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Roland Herrmann. The official inauguration of the new building will take place on completion of the construction by February 2013.
The school prides itself on academic excellence and also aims to enrich the learners through various activities in the fields of music, culture, sciences and sports. The German International School Cape Town offers all learners from South Africa a unique opportunity to qualify with both the South African Secondary Certificate and German Abitur which allows entry into any South African, German or other European University.     
Each year the German International School Cape Town invites non-German-speaking learners from Grade 5 to apply for a place at the school and to take the entrance examination. These learners do not need any German background as they will study German intensively to prepare for the integrated high school where they will be exposed to German culture and taught bilingually according to South African and German curricula.            
For more information about the school, curricula and entrance examinations which will be running throughout October and November, contact +27(0)21 480 3830 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
About the German International School Cape Town:  
The German International School Cape Town / Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt (DSK) is firmly established as a place of mutual encounter in the educational environment of the Western Cape, with a proud history spanning 125 years.  
The German International School Cape Town offers German-speaking children a primary and secondary education in accordance with German curricula.   
In secondary education, the students are taught bilingually according to South African and German curricula.
Non-German-speaking learners are accepted from grade 5 to learn German intensively and to be prepared for the integrated high school.  
For more information visit the German International School Cape Town's official website.

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