A new parenting website called www.tum2mom.co.za was launched on Tuesday 5 April.

Tum2Mom’s aim is to become the first port of call for South African parents and grandparents who are looking for accurate, up-to-date information about parenting. It outlines developmental milestones from birth to age 3 and provides useful tips on how to stimulate and play an active role in a child’s growth during this exciting time. Tum2Mom’s content is a mixture of anecdotal experiences from a mom’s perspective and factual information from Sr. Elizabeth Beavon who is an experienced midwife, clinical nursing sister and parenting coach.

Sr. Beavon believes that this website meets the needs of the South African parent. It is interactive due to a professionally monitored forum and has prompt expert advice from some of the leading professionals in their field.
Tum2Mom has a very comprehensive, yet expanding, Medical A-Z reference guide and a variety of services and support; including downloadable schedules and charts.  The Mom’s Essential Directory allows anyone to advertise their services for free and will be a wonderful resource for moms when looking for anything related to babies.
Tina Otte, a registered midwife, holding an international certificate in childbirth education has endorsed Tum2Mom. She said, ‘becoming a parent today means entering a minefield of information from many sources. This can be confusing to many new parents - how do you know who to trust and what information is correct, up-to-date and evidence based? Tum2Mum is a resource that I highly recommend as a place to find information that you can TRUST. Sr. Elizabeth Beavon is qualified to answer all your questions and concerns with relevant, meaningful information based on her experience of many years and the fact that her advice and knowledge is of the highest quality and research based’.
The website was conceptualized by Janine Daniel because she felt frustrated when Googling for pertinent information about her newborn in 2008. She did not come across any South African websites and the idea of Tum2Mom was conceived.

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