Nicole Bolton

Nicole Bolton from Danville High School in Pietermaritzburg has been appointed 2010 HIP2B2brand ambassador of the year. HIP2B2, an initiative founded by Mark Shuttleworth in 2002, which seeks to stimulate interest in science-, maths- and technology-related subjects as well as develop entrepreneurial skills, has continued their focus on actively encouraging learners to engage with the brand by hand selecting learners from across the country as part of their brand ambassador team.

Projects for the year reflect the interests of each brand ambassador. Nicole was awarded brand ambassador of the year for her innovative ‘vervet monkey’ initiative and consistent involvement with the youth brand. By converting the lower section of Danville High School into a ‘monkey haven’, Nicole’s enthusiasm and dedication towards the plight of monkeys and possible solutions to the problem cemented her popularity within the local community “I approached Primates Africa, a local monkey protection initiative, who suggested a monkey feeding area. We cleared the land and planted fruit trees so the monkeys could eat and monitored the area and used the data to draft a long term monkey feeding scheme. The campaign has really had a positive impact on my school and the local community” explains Bolton.
HIP2B2 General Manager Cathryn Treasure says: HIP2B2 has always been young, vibrant and fun whilst maintaining its relevance and delivering ‘killer’ educational content. Through hosting brand activation events and community workshops these brand ambassadors spark a curiosity in their peers and spread the HIP2B2 brand message. Since the induction of Nicole’s initiative, a number of schools have expressed interest in starting their own feeding schemes. Extending her presence as a brand ambassador, Nicole hosted the Virginia preparatory science extravaganza, launched monkey awareness poster campaigns and actively contributes to the HIP2B2 website, magazine and Facebook fan page.
HIP2B² has appointed brand ambassadors in all nine provinces; affording it the opportunity to extend its national footprint, as well as spread its message. Traditionally, subjects such as maths and science have been viewed by learners as too challenging or complex; however, those same subjects develop essential skills such as analytical thinking and problem solving, which are needed to succeed.  Each year one brand ambassador is awarded the ‘brand ambassador of the year’ title based on their passion for science-, maths-, technology and entrepreneurship.
Through her projects, Bolton has sparked curiosity in her peers while proving that innovative ideas and determination can be the catalyst for positive change.  
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