The Breaking Stereotypes Press Release

Monday, 27 June 2011
Introducing Breaking Stereotypes – a travel documentary that alters the way people
interpret the world and themselves. Filmed and produced by a South African on a

A stereotype may be defined as;
1. A widely held but fixed and over simplified image or idea of a particular type of
person or thing
2. A person or thing that conforms to such an image.
Yashivan Govender is the man behind the project. He believes in breaking stereotypes
and he lives his life as if he were a super hero. Yashivan is the Director of Operations
for, a website geared for school leavers, and college/university graduates.
The documentary; Breaking Stereotypes is part travelogue, part adventure story and it
certainly breaks stereotypes. It also breaks with tradition. It is one man’s quest to live
his dream, a South African who changed the way Europeans thought about South
Africans. He touched the lives of a handful of people and recorded it, so that it can
inspire others to live their dreams.
Produced by Duma Mseleku and Yashivan Govender, the project was filmed in Europe
over the following sixteen destinations; Schwerin, Munich, Salzburg, Zuoz, Milan,
Venice, Florence, Rome, Brussels, Bruges, Malmo, Lund, Copenhagen, Berlin,
Holzkirchen and Tegernsee. Filming began in 2009, continued in 2010 and the
production was edited in 2011. Duma and Yashivan filmed the documentary on
Samsung Camcorders.
The documentary is available online

Breaking Stereotypes

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