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The Setup: Youniatiate (
About: Younitiate NPC focuses on one community and facilitates a unique community approach that places children and young people at the centre of all initiatives. We bring all stakeholders and experts together that can contribute to a better lives of children and young people in this community. By all working towards a common vision we are able to accompany children, young people, and their parents/ care givers all the way from birth to entering into the labour market.

The focus: In August 2013 we started working in Mogoba, a community of approximately 4,000 households in Daveyton, a township close to Benoni. Younitiate already managed to establish a forum where all relevant key players meet and discuss the challenges and opportunities for children and young people in Mogoba. For 2014 Younitiate focuses on ECD support, piloting a prenatal and parental skills programme and the establishment of youth career centre.
The goals: Many of the forum members have started to work for children and young people in their community, by opening kindergartens, home-based care initiatives or youth groups. We are support all of these initiatives and help them to grow both in scale and in quality. When bringing in new ideas and initiatives we always carefully link them to existing programmes or establish them with a community member, as we believe that this"ownpowerment" of the community is the only way of creating sustainable change.
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