Björn Borg launches its new AW15 collection with a sports lifestyle app for iPhone.

Björn Borg launches its new AW15 collection with a sports lifestyle app for iPhone.Björn Borg launches its new AW15 collection with a sports lifestyle app for iPhone.

Björn Borg launched its AW15 collection together with its first fitness app ever, Sprinter. The free iPhone app enables you to match with new workout buddies and improve performance by reaching goals together. A mission easy to complete through three simple steps – Sweat, Swipe and Socialize.

The scientifically proven Köhler effect shows that a workout buddy will boost your exercise motivation with over 100%*. Björn Borg takes up on that by combining fashion, sports and technology through an app that enables people to boost workouts by meeting up with like-minded partners. It has taken inspiration from the dating app Tinder, but with fine-tuning the apps core functionalities adapted for an active lifestyle.

“We decided to launch our AW15 sports apparel through the new app Sprinter to share our vision of feeling active and attractive. We believe that together as a team, you perform better” Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, Marketing Director, Björn Borg

The app connects to Instagram and Facebook to make it easy for users to share pictures and workout videos. It also tracks the user’s current location, which creates a quick tool for finding a workout buddy for the lunch break session. Traveling users can search to find a new workout buddy anywhere in the world.

Björn Borgs AW15 collection increases the focus on sports apparel. The collection is all about high-performance fabrics, such as Thermo-Pro. The fabric retains energy, resists heat loss and retains insulation from cold and wind, with inspiration from protecting the body from the elements. Björn Borg also launches its limited edition Iconic collection, honoring the brand’s sporty past and present with pairing iconic waistbands with fashion forward fabrics, silhouettes and functionalities. Fashion images of the collection’s key look are available to explore on Sprinter, while searching for a new workout partner.

Sprinter is free to download from Apple’s App Store and
* Irwin, Brandon C., Jennifer Scorniaenchi, Norbert L. Kerr, Joey C. Eisenmann, and Deborah L. Feltz. “Aerobic Exercise Is Promoted When Individual Performance Affects the Group: A Test of the Kohler Motivation Gain Effect.” Annals of Behavioral Medicine Ann. Behav. Med. 44.2 (2012): 151-59. Web.

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