Marcus “Zyrken” Gustafsson in Björn Borg Photographer: Kie Willis

Marcus “Zyrken” Gustafsson in Björn Borg Photographer: Kie Willis

One of the world’s best parkour and free running athletes Marcus “Zyrken” Gustafsson from Helsingborg, Sweden is joining forces with the clothing and underwear brand, Björn Borg.

Zyrken is known for his creative vaults and tricks with excellent acrobatic control.

Zyrken is a former gymnast that started his career in Parkour and free running when he was fifteen years old. He has been active for around ten years and runs the largest free running team in Sweden. Zyrken has been on the winner’s stand in most prestigious competitions in Parkour and free running for the last 6 years.

Parkour and Freerunning athletes aim to get from A to B in the most efficient way possible. Parkour includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, and the like, depending on what movement is deemed most suitable for the given situation. It can be practiced in any location, but is usually practiced in urban spaces. Freerunning is the art of expressing oneself in his or her environment and using the obstacles in a creative way of moving (with inspiration from break dancing and acrobatics).

”I am very happy about the collaboration with Björn Borg that delivers awesome products for my sport and at the same time I am proud that they share my values by taking an impressive stand for love”, says Marcus “Zyrken” Gustafsson

The collaboration with Björn Borg runs as of July 1st, 2014. Previously this year, Björn Borg signed with Olympian freeskier Henrik Harlaut and Olympian speed skater Koen Verweij. Björn Borg will challenge Zyrken on a Swedish Mission later this year.

“We have followed Zyrken for a while and are amazed by his energy and skills. We immediately saw a great brand fit: Zyrken is both colourful and brave, just as the people who wear our products”, says Lina Söderqvist, Marketing Director at Björn Borg

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Image credit: Marcus “Zyrken” Gustafsson in Björn Borg - Photographer: Kie Willis

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