Björn Borg Thunderwear With Space Material To Protect Steel Workers

Björn Borg Thunderwear

We’re creating underwear together with bleeding edge space designers and the Swedish Steel industry.

Our goal? To provide steel workers with flame proof undies that can handle extreme heat and hard core environments like steel factories and space travel.

The Swedish Steel Producer association: Jernkontoret came to us with an intimate problem. Their steel workers use cotton underwear while at work – underneath their protective clothing the heat could ignite the fabric. No matter the temperature, Björn Borg thinks all people have a right to feel safe and comfortable down under.

Initiator of the project is Umbilical Design, representing Sweden in the European Space Agency (ESA) Technology Transfer Network, a company that… well, this is how they describe themselves: “Our core business is design for space and extreme environments and transfer of space technology to sustainable products and services that improve society and everyday life.”

That’s what we did. We got help from Umbilical Design to source a Space fabric used by European Space Agency (ESA), NASA and several other Space Agencies in Astronaut Suits. Today we’ve set up a brand new mini production of Thunderwear that can take up to 662 ºF (350 degrees Celcius) of scorching heat. The ladies and gentlemen of the Swedish steel industry will salute us!

“When I heard about this problem I knew we could do some good. Now we’ve created Thunderwear and I can’t wait to launch it and see what other kind of intimate problem-solving Björn Borg can get into!” -Lina Söderqvist; Marketing Director, Björn Borg

We hope the initiative will make steel workers safer and comfortable while also deconstructing the image of working in extreme industrial settings as something strictly uncomfortable and rough.

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