The Hospitality World goes into outer space and delves into French Toast - True Stories!

A update brought to you by the International Hotel School - The Best of October 2013

Meal of the month:

A student’s breakfast we think not! The Guardian dives into the makings of the perfect French toast.

The Hospitality of Sports:

Hosting the World and European Champions! South Africa is ready to host the Spanish in what is titled as a “Block-Buster of a game” reports the BBC!

India’s Hospitality gets a boost from Formula One – reports the Business Standard.

The Fast Food Challenge: Bored or hungry – you decide…

This guy is going to every Nando’s on the planet – he must love chicken!
Chirstopher Poole is rocking the world of fast food challenges.

Careers in Hospitality:

The Independent Online reports a Boom period in careers in the South African Tourism Industry

UK Hospitality employment increases by 38% according to the Online Recruitment website.

The Vine provides Ten reasons to work in the Hospitality Industry – lots of these listing articles out there…

Taiwan shows positivity in job openings through the growth of its hospitality industry – reports Focus Taiwan.

Serious news:

Hotels are keeping an eye out for Human Trafficking – scary and true…The BBC reports on how some hotel staff are being trained to stem this problem!

The Rise of Beer:

Why Beer is challenging Wine for the top spot in the Beverage industry. Illustrated here by the New York Times report on the growth of Beer in Berlin. Something of a juxtaposition to its Bavarian counterpart which is known for its Beer Heritage!

And if Beer is not interesting for you check a change up in the Coffee industry. Bloomberg reports on Fracino. Great advice in terms of the business side of the Food and Beverage industry. Spend within your means and use your cash flow to power your business!

Hotels changing trends:

7 Hotels according to CNN that will take your dinning experience into a life experience.

Phileas Fogg goes to space!

World View is taking the idea of Space Travel, Hospitality and Tourism to another level. Well a higher level that is….

The Books:

Extreme Cakeovers – because inside of everyone is a little a Baker!

Save with Jamie – because cooking on a budget is easy but cooking good food on a budget is not. Jamie Oliver has some solutions…

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